Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fibre Flurry

This Saturday takes me to my last show of the year, Fibre Flurry, in Kings Norton, Birmingham. To celebrate what is going to be a very special show...NicsKnots and I have come up with another limited edition collaboration..."Pretty Inked"
You'll get a project bag in an AWESOME tatooed lady fabric...very retro......and 100g of the now extinct (sobs) British Merino High Twist Sock yarn.......
All for £22......
Hope you'll come and say hello to us, if you're going to the event.......!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Auction for the KnitCamp Tutor Fund

As I originally signed up to be a vendor at KnitCamp, and then pulled out, I feel the need to help all the tutors.
They are having an awful time of it,
still, all of them have lost money due to not being paid, and also because they committed themselves to the fiasco, they gave up other jobs that they would have been paid for :(

So, myself and some of my other Woolly Friends have teamed up to donate a skein of yarn each, which we are going to auction on eBay, all proceeds going to the Knitcamp Tutor Fund

Please find a little funds to make a bid, or alternatively donate a little bit directly to the Fund.

They all worked bloody hard to make Knitcamp a success for the students, regardless of their own huge concerns, and it would be a crying shame if any of them went under because of their own selflessness.

And here is what all my lovely Woolly friends have donated, there's over a KILO of yarn here!!!

Donation from Debbie SkeinQueen -6 super skeins of Bamboo Soft, 100% Bamboo DK, 100m per 50g

Donation from Joy Knitting Goddess -An uber soft skein of 100% Cashmere Lace, 1050 yds per 75g

Two donations from Amanda and Phil at the Natural Dye Studio (above) -An uber yummy skein of Precious Lace, 100% Silk, 1094 yds per 100g and (below) An awesome skein of Dazzle DK, dyed with Madder…I want to keep this for myself!! Dazzle DK, 100% BFL, 360m per 100g

These two are from me (above) a true 3ply yarn, with one ply of Merino~Bamboo, one of Merino~Tencel and a third consisting of a solid merino, 130g, roughly DK / light aran weight, with approx 225yds/206m and (below) some Semi-Precious, which is a sock weight 50% Merino- 50% Silk, 437 yds/ 400m per 100g

A donation from Jeni of Fyberspates of Ethereal 4ply, 65% Cashmere, 35% silk 400m per 100g……so soft!!

Two donations from Dee at Posh Yarn (above) some Sylvia 50% merino -50% Silk 875yd per 100g and (below) a skein of Martha 80 % merino/10% Cashmere/ 10% Nylon 440yds per 100g

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dancing Skellies!!

One of my most favourite Fabrics, from the Folklorico Collection by Alexander Henry, this Fiesta de los Muertos or Day of the Dead fabric is based on a traditional Mexican Festival and depicts skeletons dressed in traditional South American costumes, dancing, drinking, playing guitars and castanets, doing some more drinking, a bit more dancing and carousing 'til dawn!

Available now, in the shop...made by my friend, the most talented, NicKnots...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ally Pally

So, 5.45AM on Saturday morning saw me and Lottie getting up to get a coach to Ally Pally...can't say I was entirely happy to be getting up that early, in fact I was quite grumpy, but it was worth it, because I got to spend the day with my two best friends :) I don't get to spend whole days with them very often, especially Woolly Days, as me and Lottie are usually working together selling yarn......

The Three WoollyTeers...all sporting chapeaux a la Wormhead

This was my first purchase of the awesome, hand drawn picture of a Pirate Sheep, called Vern !!! The artist, Sarah Macintyre, was on the Stitch London stand, and I fell in love with her illustrations and commissioned something with a skull in it.
Isn't he just brilliant???

We wandered around all day, looking at fabrics and yarns and lots of other things too... and I decided I'd like to make myself a Morsbag, as they had a big display and 4 sewing machines all set up, so people could just sit down and make one. I think it's a wonderful idea...using recycled fabric to make reusable bags.

Here I am, proud of my sewing Skillz ;)

A rock and roll themed Morsbag, in the huge display they had set up. There were so many, all on different themes, the only limit is seemingly the creators imagination...!!!

We caught the coach back to Leicester at 5pm...and I was totally shattered by then...havn't fully recovered from it even now...I am getting old!!!

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Friday Inspirations....New Yarns !

So, I spent last Friday playing with new yarns...and these are the two I mainly played with, as they were so inspiring :) Let me introduce "Flump"...a lovely bouncy and squooshy 2ply sock yarn that just takes the dyes so intensely. It will make for a lovely knitted fabric too, because of the high twist..


"Purple PetrolHead"


And here's the yarn I have been counting the days to receiving...Semi~Precious DK... it's a stunning yarn...just stunning :) Everything I love about semi-precious, just thicker !!!
My stocks of this are very limited, until November, so everything I have in stock will be coming with me to Fibre Flurry

"Just Purple"

"Purple PetrolHead"

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday Inspirations...Green Day

A few weeks ago, Jen Arnall-Culliford of The Knitter contacted me to ask if they could do a feature on my custom dyeing service in their October issue of the Magazine. So, of course I said yes, was very honoured to be asked!! She sent me the above picture, and asked me to match the colour of the bag, and I came up with "Wasabi". So, if any of you subscribe to the magazine, you can find me in there this month!!
So, as yesterday was the 1st October, and the weather was awful, I decided to cheer myself up with dyeing a batch of my favourite colour, green, on some semi-Precious, led by the most awesome "Wasabi".
I have called the collective green-ness "Green is the Word"...hehehe


"Baron GreenBack"


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Friday, October 01, 2010

Fraggletastic revisited

A lovely lady on Ravelry saw the "FraggleTastic" handspun I made for my friend Helen, and asked me to make her some, but in a thinner gauge.
I tried reallyReallyREALLY hard to get it to the WPI she wanted.... ;)
Anyway, this beauty is now on the way to America, and the rest of the Supersorted BFL I dyed to make it will be spun up to go and follow it's sister a little later was hard going, so I need a break ;)
There's about 148g over 2 skeins, roughly light DK weight...which isn't bad yardage for me...but still not enough for the customer ;)

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