Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Play Time!

It isn't very often these days I get to have a good old experiment with colours.  I know I produce a few OOAK colours every now and then, but they were usually made whilst trying to do something else, so I very rarely remember how I did them!
I got a kilo of a new base yarn to try out last week, a 18 micron SW Merino DK, in 115g skeins, and this is how I chose to dye them :)
I haven't done any kettle-dyeing for a while, so i thought I would see how this yarn behaved with that dyeing method, and I am really pleased with the result!
I can fit 4 skeins in the dyebath to kettle dye them, so I kinda thought it would be good to be able to offer 4 skeins as a *bundle*, for childrens garments or whatever.
What do you guys think?