Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday?

Well, the colours are, at least :)
I had to get this yarn out today, so I could show Monday who is the Boss...

It's the lace version of 'Perfection', 800 m/875 yds... takes colour just as well as its sock~weight sista, and I can't wait for you guys to try it out!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OOOh... !!!

My lovely friend, NicsKnots tweeted this picture this morning, she's the most awesome person for finding me in magazines :)

The colourway that was featured in "Knit Today" was this one, 'Rainbow Brite' ... A lovely, happy space-dyed colourway :D

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Monday, February 20, 2012

North Lyme

Needed to work with a sample of 60% Silk~40% Cashmere, given to me by my yarn supplier.
So, of course... I made a hat :D
Here's my North Lyme ... I love it *with* all it's mistakes :D

The sample was lovely to work with (the drape on this hat is amazing) and to dye, but I won't be carrying it as a base, as it will push me too far into the 'luxury yarn' arena... pure silk is about as far as I go down that road :)
I'd have to retail it at over £25 a skein... and that's a little too rich for me at the moment.
I am sure there will be plenty of other UK Indies stocking it though, if you really feel the need for some *WiNKS*

Friday, February 10, 2012


I hardly ever find decent woolly treasures in Charity Shops.
But today, I think Karma decided to reward me for something I did to help out a friend.
I love vintage yarns, and this is a real beauty.
15 teeny 1oz balls (so about 425g) of 90% Pure Wool/10% Nylon, in a really stunning tweedy Teal colour, 'Royal Emerald'...

Dear Karma, please also reward me with another 2 hours in the day, so I can actually use it... kthnxbai *GRiNS*


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Happiest of Hats!!

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, I got a mystery birthday package in the post from my friend, WoollyWormhead ... all wrapped up and looking very squishy.
It was SOOO hard not to open it on the spot, I can tell you, because I am a very impatient person.... and I just knew it was gonna be a new Hat :)
I kept going back to look at this irresistable and intriguing package, poking it and shaking it...
*whispers* at one point I even peeled back a bit of the cellotape...

My awesome Husbeast surprised me too, with a Birthday weekend away to Westward Ho!, so I got to open this, and many more breathtaking gifts, by the seaside.
It was all so magical...!

I was just so completely blown away by this awesome gesture. A unique gift made with me in mind.
The colours are just perfect, they bring out the green in my eyes and it is so comfortable...
It's completely fit for its purpose, as a hat FuLL of HaPPeH, and just shows how much she knows me.
We had a chat about how it should be published, and we both agreed, wholeheartedly, that it should be available as a free pattern. Making money off the back off something so uniquely personal to us just felt ... wrong?
It's made from scraps of stash yarn she had available, so you don't even need to make it with my yarn... everyone is a winner :D

WoollyWormHead has blogged about it herself, here ...

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jazzy Perfection

Well, here it is, my test knit for the new yarn I have decided to stock, a 100% silk, multi-ended sock yarn... 'Perfection'
I am really pleased with it!
The pattern is 'Sweet Jazz' by Samantha Roshak, and it was really easy-to-follow...
There are a few n00b lace mistakes in there, but if you don't look too closely you'd never know... *WiNK*

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