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 As you all know, I love to work with merino & merino x-breeds in my spinning and dyeing, French merino being my absolute favourite. 
I have a lot in my inventory, both yarn and spinning fibres, because they dye extremely well, and spin beautifully. 
The development of the breed itself originated in France, dating back to the 18th Century, crossing Spanish merino and English longwool breeds. 
Wool, historically, has always been a great trading commodity, and the Rambo is both great for that, and also it's meat... they are a biiiig sheep, ewes typically weighing in at up to 200lbs, and rams up to 300lbs :) 
Thankyou for the stats
In the 19th Century, the the Rambouillet Association was formed in the USA, and from that migration, in the 1920s, the Targhee breed was established, crossing the Rambo with the Corriedale. 

Those earsies tho & another of my favourites to spin :)

Rambouillet is also in the bloodline of the Aussie Merino...

I know there's a lot of varying opinions on the qualities of the fibre itself with regards to yarn, and in particular the well being of the sheep with regards to *mulesing*... and I am careful to source my base yarns and fibres from trusted sources, favouring UK small businesses (who themselves support small flocks) so please, be rest assured, my people!
(If you do want my personal opinion on the practice though, you'll have to get me drunk :P)

Anyway... enough of that adult informative nonsense :P

I have an etsy window open constantly on my laptop, because taking a leisurely stroll through my favourite searches and shops is something that brings me joy... (and a huge rabbit hole that sometimes makes me spend far too much money... hahaha)

On one of these meandering journeys recently, I stumbled across a UK supplier of Rambouillet tops, and I was like 'Why have I not discovered this earlier???'

Safe to say, I was all over it, immediately, and had the sellers last kilo within a few days, and it was dyed, dry and test spun within 2 days after that... because... Priorities!!!

I am dedicated to bringing woolly awesomeness to my friends and fellow spinners :)

The things I do for you guys!


Blogger Sarah Dewfall said...

Thank you!
Your Sacrifices for the Squoosh are not only noted but apreciated! Love Rambouillet. Fantastic fibre!

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