Thursday, September 08, 2016

Don't worry, be happy! (repeat until you believe it)

I am a worrier & have always been a worrier.
I don't think I can remember a time in my adult life when I haven't overthought absolutely everything ... I just accept it as being part of who I am ...
Over the last few years though, it's become increasingly difficult to push the worrying thoughts aside, and I have found them getting the upper hand, which then results in crippling anxiety attacks.
The inability to push the thoughts aside comes from a complete lack of self-confidence ... 
The inner voice that used to reassure me that 'You can do this, stop worrying so much about it' has fallen silent, and been replaced by a shadowy Spectre, who feeds the feelings of uselessness and panic.
I've been trying various calming techniques, visualising a 'happy place' etc and they seem to be really working, especially last thing at night.
I came across a really interesting website that has plenty of useful strategies to combat anxiety, and one of them really appealed to me... Using a meditation or 'Spinner ring'.
Anyone who has met me will notice I wear big pendants, usually made from a big crystal cab with a sterling silver, open backed setting. This is because in moments of unease, I rub the back of the crystal cabochon and with my thumb, and the front with my forefinger, and it helps me to focus.
I really like the idea of a thumb ring that I can use in a similar way, to provide me with rhythmic comfort, because it is less noticeable in public situations.

I did a search on etsy, and found one, in the UK... and it was the exact size I needed too! 

So, hopefully this is another way I can help myself keep calm when inside I feel like I am drowning?
*fingers crossed*


Blogger Rumpelstiltskin said...

The last few months, your blogposts became very recognizable. Like I could've written them...
I've been chronicaly depressed since I can remember, even as a little child.
Those anxiety attacks you describe started 2-3 years ago here. I have to admit, they are hard to deal with.
A month ago, I started taking CBD-oil. Not really for the attacks, but for physical problems. A nice bonus is that they actually help with the anxiety and even the depression. Not in a mindnumbing way and not extremely spectacular, but rather supporting me, giving me the mental strength to fight. Not every day is evenly great, but most days are better than I'm used to.
You probably get a lot of advice from many people and yes, I know how annoying that can be sometimes. But I'm still going to send it ;)
I have had a lot of support from your blogposts these last few months. Now it's my turn.

Thank you.

11:06 AM  

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