Monday, July 04, 2016


Over the last week, I've been working on a design for some knitted hearts, which were conceived on a journey to see the rock band, Heart.

I took this as a sign they needed to be written up and shared with the world.
It's now been published on Ravelry ... and also in my blog archive here, with my other 2 free patterns.

In the lead up to, and in the aftermath of, the recent referendum to decide whether the UK should stay, or leave, the European Union, the country has been thrown into turmoil. Negativity everywhere, even people falling out with each other over their voting choices. Also, the tragic death of a Member of Parliament, Wife and Mother of 2 young children, Jo Cox, a few days before we all went out to vote
There's a real sense of disconnection within communities all over the country, numerous reports of racism, mistrust and general unpleasantness.

I am not a designer, so I enlisted the help of my very good friend, WoollyWormhead to help me put my thoughts down on paper in a legible way. Woolly and her family are also reeling in the aftermath of the referendum result. Being UK citizens living in the EU, their future is one again hanging in the balance. All of this, especially after the huge fight they had to save Mutonia from the threat of a difficult neighbour, is weighing heavy. 

She's blogged about it here

The initial knitted heart concept was inspired by a community initiative called ‘Craft for Solidarity’ started by a friend of mine, Ruth Singer, a Leicester based Artist, maker and author, specialising in the textile arts.

In a small but meaningful gesture of solidarity, hope, diversity and community, Ruth is gathering knitted hearts to yarn storm public and community buildings in Leicester. Leicester (narrowly) voted Remain, of which she (and I) am enormously proud, but still many people from our wonderful diverse community in Leicester are feeling distressed and vulnerable, and many others feeling the need to do something to show our support for them and fight against the racism we are seeing in our country. 

I'd love to see pockets of Love emerging all over the country, things are already getting going, so I challenge you all to make a heart, and then go and release it in public, maybe even get together with your knitting group and make lots of them.

If you use social media, just use the hashtag #CraftforSolidarity so everyone can see what you are up to.

Help spread some love to your fellow Hooman Beans !


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