Friday, October 14, 2016

Hat Season Cometh!

As much as I dislike the darkness and cold that autumn and winter bring, there is one upside to it, and that is the Woolly Hat :)
I love my hats, and of course I must make at least 2 new ones a year, maybe more...
As you all know, I am a Woollywormhead hat girl, and she's just released a new book, Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids ... well I just had to make Allerton... it is the perfect style for me, and also because I just loved the picture of Aran and the spanners :)

(photo reproduced with very kind permission of it's owner, Woollywormhead)

I spun the yarn to make it as part of my Spinzilla 2016 speed training & it's made of white and fawn french merino, a 2 ply, so very, Very bouncy. 
This is a perfect yarn construction for a mainly garter stitch pattern with slipped stitches... it made for a lovely fabric with really defined lines. I overdyed it Teal... of course :P 

The fact it is two base colours also accentuates the excellent stitch definition.

It was a completely different weight of yarn than called for in the pattern, of course as I never make life easy for myself... but it wasn't a difficult job to calculate the size I had to make, because of Woollys amazing tutelage.

Knitting with handspun is always a great experience. I am sure people who don't spin always worry that they'll 'spoil' yarn that has been handspun, but it's pretty hard to get it wrong. You just have to remember to keep things simple, just like you would with anything else. 
Woollys garter stitch hat patterns are perfect for using with handspun yarn... trust me... *GrINS*

I am absolutely thrilled with it... Mamas got a brand new hat!


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