Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KnitNation Collaboration!!!

To celebrate the fact that KnitNation is happenin' in London, and also that we are sharing a stand (squees), NicsKnots and I have teamed up again, to give you "Vampire on the Bus"...... a project bag with a fantastic London Bus print, and a skein of High Twist 2ply British Merino sock yarn, space~dyed with long~ish repeats in my "Vampiric BloodLust" colourway... the resulting socks will be a great momento of your visit to London... :D
There are only 6 sets available.......first come, first bitten ;)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 4 oz Challenge

(L to R) Hello Yarn “Air” (merino/tencel) SCF “Hades” (Polwarth/tencel) and Spunky Eclectic “Algae” (Merino/Bamboo)

Here it all is braided together, so you get an idea of how it will look all spun up :)

I am hoping to be able to make it into an Aran weight, but, as there is a lot of protien fibres in there, I expect it will want to go skinny ;) The challenge is to spin a yarn to make 4 oz, and then write a pattern and publish it, both to be done in the months of August and September.

How the yarn turns out will dictate what I design... but I expect it will be a hat...
I like Hats :)

If you fancy joining the "4 oz Challenge" please click this link to be taken to the Ravelry group :)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rambo's Whirled :)

The Ingredients: Merino from Into the Whirled and Rambouillet from JulieSpins

One Bobbin down.....sheesh this took forever!!! Well, that was until I found out I could spin properly on my Matchless.....hahaha.....

This yarn is IMMENSE!!!
There's 225 g and 500yds/462m (approx) over 2 skeins...and the colours are just amazing.
The ingredients were of the highest quality...little or no spinners waste from either set of hand dyed rovings. I can't rate Cris or Julie highly enough...*grin*
Anyway, it took me ages to get going with it, but once I finally realised that trying to spin on a Matchless like I was spinning on a Louet S10 was totally the wrong way to go....I motored through it :)
It is reallyReallyREALLY bouncy too, because of the Rambouillet.....so it will knit up beautifully :)
I think it's safe to say things have totally clicked now with my new wheel.....


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was gifted some BFL Chunky at WonderWool this year, so I dyed it up (yop pic) and made it into a cropped cardigan :)
The pattern is Nella by Katie Rose Pryal, and it was a lovely, easy and very fast knit.
I made a few modifications, like starting with a provisional/crochet cast on (to save picking up 100s of stitches) and I also missed off the icord edging, as I am not too fond of making it ;) It closes just as well with a shawl pin anyway.
It fits perfectly, and I am really pleased with it.....!!!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Husbeast :)

My Husbeast is a lot of people, all rolled into one...


Rock Star

Funny Man

A wonderful Father...although not so good with facial hair ;)

Mr Sleepy

...and the love of my life :)

We've travelled together for 19 years now... and boy, what a ride it has been :) May our journey continue for many more miles, with plenty of adventures to experience along the way.
I'll love you from here until eternity...... or until we run out of petrol, whichever comes first ;)