Thursday, April 30, 2009

A welcome distraction :)

Been getting myself all stressed out this week about all kinds of stuff, so todays dyeing is a very welcome time for playing :) I won a really bargainous pot on eBay, and it came this morning, so I have spent this morning dyeing in a semi~solid~stylee :)
Pics are of what is photographable ie.nearly dry.....two skeins of British Merino, dyed in varying colours on the red/brown spectrum...
I am very pleased with it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Banana, 3ply Handspun

This one is for the Ravelry Day for sale pile :D

3 ply, one BFL, one british merino...spun from roving hand~dyed in my "Big Banana" colourway, then a solid merino ply, in a russetty copper colour :)
It's quite chunky, and randomly thick and thin...two skeins, one 78g, the other of about 170yds.
It will self pattern you can see from the yarn cake :D

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kakadu, 3ply handspun

This is one yummy squooshy yarn.....I love it :)
Reminds me of all the red spectrum colours you find in the Australian oozes warmth.
One ply SCF "Kakadu" merino, one ply solid merino in brown and the other is space spun, 4 colours picked out to compliment the variegated ply.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retail Therapy :)

Been a bit norty recently......I really must go on a fibre diet....hehe
The fibre in the top mosaic is called "Monster Mash", and it's from The Wool Peddler on etsy. Its
75% 21 micron (70s) merino ~ 25% Nylon Sparkle...not something I would ordinarily choose...but I loved the colours, and its very pretty in real life!!
The bottom two are from Southern Cross Fibre on etsy, "Kakadu" and underneath "Fields of Gold".....yum!

Another fabaroOOnie spin!!!

This has been most expertly spun by Phil, the lovely lady who rehomed my Louet S10, Louie :)
Its the 100g of pinky pretty from this months fibre club :D

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Friday, April 17, 2009

RIP Red Dwarf's taken me this long just to be able to talk about how APPALLING the "Back to Earth" easter special was, and I won't bore you with all my rants.
Not a laugh in sight...which is what bothered me the most, especially RiMMeR (an internet "ego" of mine)

So I took these memorium of the good old days, when kippers were smoked and the smeg wasn't quite as apparent as it was of late.... 'specially like the one of me and the husbeast...... :)

Slouchy Beanie, round 2 :D

The second incarnation/test knit of my Slouchy Beanie pattern...I tried some different crown decreases on this one.......I think I have one more test knit to do, then I'll be ready to write the pattern up :D

Thursday, April 09, 2009

More fabaroOOonie spinning!!!

This is half of this months Babylonglegs Fibre Club, all spun up by the totally spintastic Helen!!!
It is beautiful.......!!!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Totally purple!!!

This is some handspun I did a while back, 3 plys of 3 different white wools. I dyed it purple today...and the 3 different plys have taken the colours uniquely..... :D

Lush Fluff :D

I was VERY lucky/cheeky to have nabbed this from a destash by the lovely Jacqui (Jammam on Ravelry, and the lady I purchased Lola from too, incidentally)'s called "Kakadu", and its from Southern Cross Fibres on etsy (yes, dear readers, I am developing a real taste for this talented fellas work *sigh*)
Its just that I don't DO these sorts of colour combos myself, well not really.......and it's really hard for me to find stuff I know I can't/won't do myself....
Its all ready to go on the I am going to use it to make an instructional PDF thingie, on how to spin enough 3 ply yarn to knit my Slouchie Beanie, and get it to stripe properly etc
I kinda feel like a bit of a fraud selling the pattern as it is, as its really simple to do...don't want people doing a Homer~esque "DOH!" when they've bought it and realised they coulda designed it themselves ;) cunning plan is to sell the pattern as part of an instructional leaflet with enough fibre to spin the yarn up themselves, and then knit the hat.
I will also spin my own yarn and sell it alongside the pattern, so peeps will be able to make their own with my handspun.
As if I havn't got enough to do, eh??

Monday, April 06, 2009

"In Bloom" 3ply Handspun

This is 100% Merino, two plys of EGMTK merino, and a space spun single with about 7 colour changes in it. You can see the colour changes in the picture of it in a centre pull ball. There is 150g of it, and all the plys have been spun thick~thin, then plied together.
This one is for the shop :D

How cool is this???

A customer of mine bought the Corriedale "Iris" 3ply Spinners set last week, and she's spun it up's that for super speedy spinning!!! And she's photoed it with an Iris too......fAb!!!!
And its exactly how I envisioned it would turn out when I dyed it up.
Stunning.....just stunning :D

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Purple Plethora, 3ply Handspun

Its one ply of Southern Cross Fibres "Gecko", one ply of space~spun solid merino in 3 shades of purple, and another of semi~solid purple British Merino (dyed by me)
There’s about 100g in this skein, no idea of yardage, but its probably similar in yardage to all my other worsted/light aran handspuns…. ;)
This is going to be winging its way to Italy next week, as a gift to a very talented hat designer friend of mine :D

Pretty...oh so prettiiiieeeeeee

The "Tampica" merino~tencel I bought from Limegreenjelly arrived this morning...oh, my goodness, it's so much more pretty than my pictures!!! I don't think I will ever spin it, I don't think I could ever do it justice :D

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Purple and Green

I have got a real thing about purple and green at the moment. I am spinning purple and green, and I am dyeing a lot of purple and green too......and I saw this braid of Merino~tencel in Jo's shop, Limegreenjelly on etsy, and I just completely fell in love with it. Its so pretty looking, with the white streaks of tencel running through it, and the way the colours play together are just perfect for my current colour kick...

This is what I did today. This is "Iris", 2 strips of 70s merino and one of organic merino~silk...will make a beautiful springtime 3 ply yarn.
Listed over on Folksy, if you want a looksee :D