Saturday, February 25, 2006

Where did the week go?

Its Saturday did that happen?
Had quite an interesting week, full of breadmaking, the usual daily dross (boooo) and a visit to Uppingham Yarns, which is a warehouse in Uppingham full of ex-industrial yarns, for home, trade, and club machine knitters. They also stock ex-industrial, special purpose and exotic yarns for hand and machine knitters. I was alittle disappointed at the lack of choice for what I wanted, and only came away with one 550g cone of Jade aran weight yarn, but for £3.50 you can't grumble :)
The Real Nappy Network got together yesterday, as there was a Council orgainised event at Brocks Hill Environment Centre All the Leics real nappy sellers/manufacturers were there, and the council were giving away £15 vouchers to all who attended :D I went with a friend, who stocked up on new nappies for her little girl...anda friend from the village got her nappy stash sorted there too. We didn't stay long, as our boys were getting rowdy and bored, as boys tend to do....bless 'em ;)
Have done plenty of longie knitting this week as I need to re-stock my page at Puddlepants Have two pairs on the go, a small and a large pair :) Also, am going to try and start my test knit this weekend if I can!

Monday, February 20, 2006

oh.....and my postman was busy today too :D

I ordered these off Amazon with some vouchers :) I am looking forward to having some time to read them....hahaha

I also had a new breadmaker delivered just sick and tired of paying 99p for a loaf of bread! Its outrageous! Anyway, its making pizza dough as I type :)

The Darkness ROCK :) all I have to say!!!!!! One of the best gigs I have been to....sound wise, set wise and performance wise!!!! I didn't go with many expectations, only that I would have liked them to play certain favourite songs of mine (which they did).
The lead singer/guitarist, Justin Hawkins, came on to the track "Knockers"...suspended from the rigging over the crowd in a pair of Giant comedy breasts, the nipples flashing and everything.....hahahaha
( o ) ( o ) *Fantastic*
And in the encore, he was suspended over the crowd again in a harness....playing his guitar :) What a showman.
They started the set off with lots of rocking the middle they slowed it down with a few ballads...the roadies brought on a piano at one point, and Justin played a beautiful rendition of "Blind Man", acoustic accompaniment too...brought tears to my eyes :)
I never knew a guitarist with so many guitars! After every song they changed axes..but Justin had about 6 different ones, including a beautiful bone coloured one, shaped to look like a maori fish hook, and one that had flourescent frets :)
They were fabaroonie..........!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well here it is.....the all consuming hat :)

I reached the finish line!!!

As of 12.01 am......woohoo!!!!! This hat has consumed my life for the last week, and now its all over....
Will post a pic in the morning.......I am so pleased about the way it turned out :) When I realised I had made a mistake last night, I was all ready to throw in the towel, but I unravelled it...took a deep breath, and continued.
And boy, was it EVER worth it :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sleepy boy :)

Joel fell asleep on his Dad last night.....his Dad was asleep too funnily enough....oh its such a hard life!
Shedir progressed quite well last night, finished all the rows of cables. Got to row 56 though, and realised something had gone amiss :( So I've unravelled it back to row 54, and have to re-knit it.
Not much else to report really....just wanted to share this beautiful picture of my youngest :)

Happy Knitting and blogging, y'all ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Surviving Half the skin of my teeth!

Had a terrible day yesterday! Had a hormonal "middle of my cycle" day....*sigh*
Didn't get the KoolAid dyeing done, I just wasn't in the right frame of cup needs to be at least 1/2 full for me to attempt anything vaguely creative....ha ha ha
Shedir is coming along great guns though! got about another 10 rows to go, and then I can start the decreasing....the DB Baby Cashmerino is lovely yarn to work with, so soft and smooth :)
I went back to the same charity shop the day after my bargain find...and they had some more stashed away in a different place! So I got another 3 balls, in a different colourway...the baby blue.
Went to my Stitch 'n Bitch meeting again on Tuesday night, and it was a complete disaster :( We were in the main bar, no proper lighting at all.....everyone was attempting to knit by the light of tealights! It was also smoky. The room that has been reserved for us was being used...they'd double booked it. Its a perfect room too.....loads of light, 4 square leather sofas around a big square table. I will go again next week, give it one more try....I do feel a little out of place though, if I am honest :(
Am really looking forward to Sunday though, and praying for good weather, so we can go to the gig in the 'vette :D

Monday, February 13, 2006

OOhOOh I got a parcel today!!!

I seem to be having a bit of a blogging frenzy at the moment!!! Maybe its because people are reading it more, and leaving me lovely messages :) Thanks to all who have taken the time to read the insane ramblings of a frantic mother and sometime amateur knitter...he he he
Well, as you can see, I had some help splitting a 600g hank of wool into 100g hanks this afternoon :) Who needs newfangled machines when you have two upturned chairs and child labour? Its is lovely aran weight wool...bought of ebay from Glenshee Woolens I have wound about 350g off in 3 hanks, and retrieved the baby bath out of the loft (I knew it would come in useful again)....all ready to handpaint with KoolAid on Wednesday ;) I am quite excited about it, and have promised to let Daniel help me...although me being me...I'll end up stressing about mess so much he'll not get a chance....*sigh* Lets hope its a nice day, so we can take it out in the garden and do it.
Had a few friends over for coffee this morning, and emptied my yarn cuboard so they could see my ever growing stash...thing is, when I repacked the cuboard I made some more room! I guess that'll be for the wool I have coming that I bought last night from eBay.
I have promised my self NO MORE YARN PURCHASING........but guess what.....*sigh* Yes you guessed it...I went for a walk inthe village this afternoon with my sleepy boy in the Ergo, and *popped* nonchalantly (yeah right...there was a basket of wool in the window and I spied Debbie Bliss, I nearly broke my neck I went in there so fast!) into my local charity shop... Colourway 207 of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino....5 x 50g balls! £1.50 each, which I thought was quite good!
So I have decided, I am going to unravel my current Shedir...sob... as I chose the wrong yarn to begin with anyway, you can't see the cables. I am going to re-knit it in the Debbie Bliss bargain :)
Right...back to it then....I have to post on
Team GB before I can start knitting again....

ETA (at 1.15am zzZZZ) Unravelling the current Shedir and re-knitting WAS the right decision!!! Took me two nights to reach row 24 with the other yarn….and I’m up to row 20 already with the DB…Plus, because its a slightly glossy/shiny yarn….the cables show up really well!!! sleep......

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Football star...and other ramblings :)

Daniel had a football match this morning, only a friendly, and he scored....wait for it..... 4 goals!!!!! His team is Birstall United Juniors :) They do really well in "Friendly" matches, but not so good in the league....ahh but who cares? If they have fun thats all that counts in my book.....they are only 7!!!!
Yesterdays mood was well and truly lifted today....gone be the apathy!!! I hoovered the whole house......did two loads of washing....and made a pot of leek, potato and carrot soup for lunch.... :D My hubby washed the floor in the kitchen/diner as well...bless him.
*Gulps* just won 1350g of pure wool DK on eBay.....15 x50g in Yellow and 12 x 50g in Scarlet.....I really must stop buying wool cupboard is getting too full! I am buying it WAY faster than I am knitting it....
I am sooooo chuffed.....a friend of mine asked me to be a pattern tester for her today!!!! (does a funny little dance) It was a great excuse to invest in more Addis too.....heeheehee!
Right...I have just filled my face with Vegetable ChowMein..and I have a glass of Blossom Hill.....I'd best go and spend 45 mins on row 19 of Shedir......he he he

Saturday, February 11, 2006

owwwwwww my brain HURTS

Had a really wierd day enthusiasm....edging on apathy and complete down-ness.

Started my Knitting Olympics entry today, Shedir the chemo cap from Knitty....anyway, I cast it on this morning, and its taken me nearly all day (bar the 3 hour nap I had this afternoon he he he) to do 19 rows *shame*......would you believe, row 15 took me over 45 mins????

I am glad I have started it, maybe it was the *thought* of starting it was making me feel wierd. It is actually pretty straightforward, but very fiddly.

Will take a pic tomorrow and post it...need to post it on the TeamGB Blog too :)

Friday, February 10, 2006

You are my SunShine :)

We’ve had a few days of sunshine, cold but sunny…. its been great. Even getting clothes dry outside on the washing line hahaha…yes my life is THAT interesting!
Haven’t blogged properly for a while, so here goes
It was my 34th Birthday on the 28th January, so I went and tret myself to a session at the hairdressers. A full head colour and cut…a nice bright shade of red! It’s fading too quickly though; every time I wash it the water goes pink :( I think I may go back and ask them about it, as it was quite a lot of money. I also got some lovely gifts…some pendants from my booful boys, and some tickets to go and see The Darkness in concert!!!! I am SOOOO excited, as we’ll go in the Corvette : D
One of Phil’s friends babysat for us, and we went out for a lovely meal at the local curry house, and then on to the Pub for Karaoke. I love karaoke… ;)
Daniel had all last week off school, as he was really poorly. His temperature kept going up and down all the time, and he wasn’t eating…. and for Daniel that’s a sure sign he’s not well. My nickname for him is Daniel Dyson (Dyson being a popular brand of vacuum cleaner) The doctor came out to him, and put him on a course of anti b’s. Joel has had it this week, but not as severe. He’s just a snot factory now…. Hahaha
We had a new carpet fitted in our lounge yesterday, what a difference!!!! It makes the room look huge! Now I just just need to get some matching curtains ….
On the knitting front, I have just finished two pair of Doodlepants for someone…I knit and sent her one pair, and she loved them so much she asked me to do another pair! I bought a 1100g hank of Aran weight natural wool this week, off eBay, and some Kool-Aid sachets…so am gonna have a go at dyeing my own wool :)
I have entered the Knitting Olympics today, am gonna do Shedir the chemo cap from the Breast Cancer awareness special edition of Knitty......

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Long Live Longies!!!!