Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Long time....no blog !!!!!!

Where does the time go?
The last week or so has just flown by!!!!
Nothing hugely exciting to report....Daniel had his Christmas play last week, oh.... it was so lovely, you could hear his beautiful voice singing above everybody else's. He came home with a special award for his singing today, a "Star of the week" certificate. Such a proud mummy today :)
We travelled down to Phil's Mum and Dad's in Watford on Thursday night, as it was his Nanny's funeral on Friday. The whole family was there...and although it was under very sad circumstances, it was brilliant to see everyone. She would have been very happy to see all her close family together :)
The picture I've added today is a view of the Buncefield Oil depot fire, in Hemel Hempstead...we were woken up at 6am Sunday morning by a huge noise, the house literally shook. We didn't know what it was, we prayed it wasn't a plane crash, as we could see everything from our bedroom window :(
Woke up on Sunday feeling really poorly, and the doctor confirmed I have a strep infection in my throat again....Phil stayed off work yesterday so I could rest....bless him :D

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday Night..... gimme some VINO :)

Here we are again....another week over, edging even closer to Christmas! Thank goodness I have finished all my shopping...we nipped into the city this afternoon to get Daniel some shoes, and it was MAD! I mean town is bad enough as it is but on a Saturday this close to Christmas....we were lucky to get out with our limbs still attatched...hahaha
Pictured are my second pair of Doodlepants, for a good friend of mine, who practises EC...they have to have pullupability :p so have an elasticated waist. They were a complete experiment, especially the pockets and the bottoms of the legs. I am still getting to grips with this pattern, as I have to start actually knitting them for sale :O soon, when my Colinette skye arrives. Looking forawrd to another pair though..as practice does make perfect, as they say!!!
I had the worst day yesterday........ :(
Phil had to come home early from work, as I had a really really bad migraine....I havn't had one like that for a while. Thank goodness I feel better today.......as there are issues that need sorting out.....for which I need a very clear head :D
Right, back to my glass of wine.................