Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday Night..... gimme some VINO :)

Here we are again....another week over, edging even closer to Christmas! Thank goodness I have finished all my shopping...we nipped into the city this afternoon to get Daniel some shoes, and it was MAD! I mean town is bad enough as it is but on a Saturday this close to Christmas....we were lucky to get out with our limbs still attatched...hahaha
Pictured are my second pair of Doodlepants, for a good friend of mine, who practises EC...they have to have pullupability :p so have an elasticated waist. They were a complete experiment, especially the pockets and the bottoms of the legs. I am still getting to grips with this pattern, as I have to start actually knitting them for sale :O soon, when my Colinette skye arrives. Looking forawrd to another pair practice does make perfect, as they say!!!
I had the worst day yesterday........ :(
Phil had to come home early from work, as I had a really really bad migraine....I havn't had one like that for a while. Thank goodness I feel better there are issues that need sorting out.....for which I need a very clear head :D
Right, back to my glass of wine.................


Blogger Tracy Oldfield said...

wooo yay they look great! Love the pockets *grin* will do some pics...

2:08 PM  

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