Sunday, November 13, 2005

Funny old day today really......

Can't explain it....was one of those days where it would be unwise to really try and achieve anything, like your constantly swimming against a current.
Daniel played in a football match this morning, and he scored a fantastic goal! He is really talented, although I am of course biased.....hehehe. They did, however, lose the game 3-1...but the boys are getting better with each game, so they'll get there!!! As long as they have fun along the way it doesn't matter anyway ;)
Phil and I were due to go out for the afternoon, for a cruise in the Corvette and a pub meal with other regional members of the Corvette Club UK......but our babysitter let us down literally half an hour before we were due to go :( It must have been something pretty serious for her to do that, but she didn't specify the details in her text. Phil got really cross about it, but I tend not to expect too much these days, then the disappointment doesn't hit you very hard...experience has taught me that! Gosh, that makes me sound so hard done to, doesn't it! I was secretly looking forward to it, but hey ho....Phil wouldn't go on his own as he felt guilty about would have been okay with me though if he had.
EBay auctions finished this evening, and I was a little disappointed with the results :( My bidders have got some bargains! Well I hope they enjoy was the last of my stuff I can't wear any more 'cos of weight loss, and it was all stuff I loved too....
Had a Chinese take-away tonight, tried a new place that delivers, as Phil was still feeling dish was lovely, Beancurd with green peppers and BlackBean sauce...oooooh yum, but he wasn't impressed....thats always the way isn't it?
Bring on tomorrow....lets hope this funny feeling subsides over night!


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