Friday, November 11, 2005

Doodlepants are finished!!!

Here is my first attempt at a pair of Doodlepants :)
I altered the pattern slightly, by increasing a feww stitches each side, and adding a K1 P1 rib, to act as "elastic" so the bum doesn't sag. I tried them on a friends little girl this morning, and they looked great! Just need to put an I-cord in the waistband, and they are ready to go :) I do want to start embellishing them, may put a couple of pockets on each leg at the side, underneath the rib, with some cute buttons on or something....
I had a hat knitting session last night.....LOL..what a disaster! Knit it completely in the wrong yarn and needle size, so it fits my youngest perfectly....hahaha, was meant to be for me...good job it was just an experiment. I did manage to finish it in under two hours though!
Feeling loads better today, all the acheyness and fuzzy head has gone...


Blogger mamadillo said...

fuzzy head due to the too-small hat? pics of hat? *grin*

cute pants, looking fwd to getting mine, i mean k's of course!!

8:38 PM  

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