Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another pair finished!!!! These took ages, because I knitted them with double knitting wool.....but are so worth it :) They are really soft, and the two yarns mixed together on the leg have turned out brilliantly.
Will put them in the post tomorrow, ready to be graced by another booful little bottom!!!

Had the best lie in this morning..and I must have needed it because I didn't wake up woken up with a cuppa at 1.30pm! Aaaaahhhh :D
Went out for a lovely walk this afternoon, round Watermead Park. It used to be an old granite quarry, and they've now filled all the big holes in with water so its a twitchers paradise! Even tho it was cold there was loads of people out and about. Dan went on his bike and Joel insisted on being in the Ergo he's still not well bless him....hasn't wanted to walk anywhere for a few days now.


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