Friday, November 24, 2006

Moss and Heather Pants :o)

Made from wool *magnificently* dyed by Gemma

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Food Colouring Rocks!!!!

Had a little play this morning, whilst Joel was at pre-school......with Supercook Food colouring!!!! Its turned out fantastically......I am really pleased :o) Its really easy to mix....and once I'd got to the end of the dyeing process, I'd worked out how much food colouring I needed, so that when it was microwaved, the water was clear :o)
Have a go, its great fun, not too messy.......and thoroughly satisfying ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Have just realised.......

My Blog is one year old!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Blog!!!


Beautiful rainbow dyed wool from Gemma
She's so talented!!!!

Going into stock at Puddlepants
Brighten up your winter with a Rainbow!!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My husband the Photographer

He's always been fab at choosing great things to photograph, the cloud formations in the post about our holiday in Blackpool were taken by him...and this one of a fiery sunset is his masterpiece too....

And he swears he hasn't got an artistic bone in his body? I disagree!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Antony and Shedir

On the way home from our 'oliday, we popped to Crosby Beach to have a look at Antony Gormley's installation on the beach there, "Another Place"...... I took my trusty Knitty Chemo Cap "Shedir" with me...Antony is the perfect model!

This Statue was near the beginning of the beach, and hasn't been touched by the it's in its original condition...

This photo is of one of the figures that is submerged in the sea quite regularly, so is just a mass of barnacles :o)

Having a ball in Blackpool !!!!

We booked a Sun (The Newspaper) Holiday earlier on in the year, to go to a caravan site in Fleetwood called Cala Gran

It was cheap and cheerful, very cold too........brrrrrrr
But we had a ball!!!! We were up the club every night, as they had entertainment on every night, the boys LOVED it :) Especially the Halloween party ;)

They loved Blackpool too...we spent the whole day there, getting on a Bus from Fleetwood. We went up and down the Golden Mile all day on trams...visited the Pleasure Beach, went on the central Pier, and took a trip around the Dr Who exhibition too.

We finished the day off with a big plate of fish and chips, before heading back to Fleetwood to spend our last night in the caravan. Our Gas bottle ran out that night husband phoned reception in the morning from our bed as it was too cold to get out...hahaha....4 bodies crammed into our double bed to keep warm :o)

Sorry I have been so quiet :(

It has been pretty stressful here for the last couple of weeks. Its really been getting me down, and havn't had the energy or the inclination to do very much, except wallow in self pity!
As you may recall, we had a huge leak from the bathroom through to the kitchen at the end of August, and have since had the go ahead from the insurance people to get people in to refit it/do the necessary work.
We went on our 'olidays to Blackpool for a week (which was fab) and came back *hoping* it would all be done.....well it wasn't, and it was a mess :( Nothing was right, or thats how it felt anyway because the "finishing touches" were just bodged.
So the last two weeks have just entailed having people in my house from 8am till 4pm finishing things, re-doing things and just generally *being there*..... bah humbug
Anyway....heres a few piccies of the 95% finished job..........

This is taken from the hallway....

This one is taken from the dining room.... before and after shots here

This used to be filled, ceiling to floor with units....I wanted units above the fridge, but due to a "error" in measuring up (snarls) I could only have them on one side *sigh*

And finally, this is where my fridge used to be...I now have a larder!!!!