Saturday, November 18, 2006

Having a ball in Blackpool !!!!

We booked a Sun (The Newspaper) Holiday earlier on in the year, to go to a caravan site in Fleetwood called Cala Gran

It was cheap and cheerful, very cold too........brrrrrrr
But we had a ball!!!! We were up the club every night, as they had entertainment on every night, the boys LOVED it :) Especially the Halloween party ;)

They loved Blackpool too...we spent the whole day there, getting on a Bus from Fleetwood. We went up and down the Golden Mile all day on trams...visited the Pleasure Beach, went on the central Pier, and took a trip around the Dr Who exhibition too.

We finished the day off with a big plate of fish and chips, before heading back to Fleetwood to spend our last night in the caravan. Our Gas bottle ran out that night husband phoned reception in the morning from our bed as it was too cold to get out...hahaha....4 bodies crammed into our double bed to keep warm :o)


Blogger Samantha said...

Me and my husband just got back from the Cala Gran Haven Park to and had a superb time. We usually go on a caravan holiday most years when the kids are off school but tend to change the location, and experience what the other parks and surroundings have to offer. The kids were happy with plenty to do and like you, we had a good natter to the other parents and had a relaxing time.

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