Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy as Larry :o)

I didn't quite realise how unhappy my eldest son was at school last year.....until now.
I've had a complete *Eureka* moment about it actually....and how it reflected on us all. He'd come out of school in a really bad mood most days, and really take his anger/frustration out on both Joel and me on the way home from school. This had a knock on effect to how I reacted to him, the expectation/fear of him coming out of school in a bad mood etc which subsequently knocked onto family life...
Basically...I spent a lot of the last school year feeling really bad about myself and my parenting skills, had no confidence in my *mumming*, because Daniel was so unhappy/cross/beligerent all the time. I thought it was me, and that I wasn't parenting him properly :(
My relationship with DH really suffered too, as when I tried to cope with my loss of confidence, I shifted the blame onto him as well.......
I was sooooo close to taking him out of school and Home edding him for a while....

You wouldn't believe the change in him this school year though... :o)
He has a fantastic teacher, she is lovely.....and she actually likes him, whereas I don't think his previous teacher did. She pitches the work at each childs ability levels, as opposed to what the "book" says they should know at 7 1/2...
I spent a little time in the classroom the other day....and I am 100% happy that she will nurture my baby...not just teach him.


Blogger Anna said...

this is great news.
I am so sorry D had such an awful year, this year will make your lives so much easier, and D will be a happier boy!

11:36 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

I have all of this to 'look forward' to. I'm so glad that Daniel is having a better year and you are all happier.

10:09 PM  

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