Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where's My Boob?

This is the best advocacy video for Breastfeeding I have ever seen......

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sheep Rustling

Create your own Wanted Poster, HERE or create somat else......
Loads of fun was had with this...tee hee

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How this.......

..........turned in to this!!!

This wool has been beautifully hand-dyed by my friend, Gemma
She's got the Koolaid dyeing bug too......tee hee....NOTHING TO DO WITH ME *whistles*
I needed another tester for my pants pattern anyway...and so I offered to knit her tester pair with her wool. Isn't it wonderful? Its a beautiful array of rainbow shades......I LOVE IT.
My two boys are up staying in Doncaster with my SIL and BIL at the moment, and we had a huge emergency with Daniel yesterday. He had an asthma attack, something that hasn't happened since he was 14 months old :( My SIL took him to the doctors, who gave him a nebuliser at the surgery because he couldn't even speak without gasping for his breath. He improved after the nebuliser, so they went away with a prescription for inhalers and some corticasteroids. He got worse again in the afternoon though, and had to be admitted to hospital, and his SATs went down to 90% at one point and he was put on oxygen :(
We bombed it up there, and went straight to the hospital, and were greeted with Dan stuffing his face with chicken nuggets, chips and have no idea how relieved we were. We stayed in there for about 2 hours, then the doctors were happy to allow us to leave, and we had a 24 hour re-admission slip should he deteriorate. He had a great nights sleep, and didn't need too much blue inhaler to I think he's on the mend.
I feel awful.....stressed, sick to my name it. I think its just delayed shock though, I've been mulling it over in my head, the *could have beens* and the immense guilt you feel as a parent when something like this happens. Phil and I came home again today, to try and retrieve a little of the time we were meant to have whilst the kids were away.
Needless to say, its taken me about 6 hours to knit this last (hopefully) pair of has really taken my mind off everything......stress relief!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another re-work.....hopefully the last one!!! I have reworked the leg cuffs, as both my testers commented on how much like shorts the pants still were. If you look at the previous two pics, the leg cuffs are knitted in a wide rib, K3P3. So for this pair, I have picked up less stitches, and done a K1P1 rib, which is tighter. Hopefully this will make the leg cuffs tighter around the legs.
They are lanolising as I type, and when they are dry they'll be winging their way to Switzerland!! I really hope this is the last rework, as I am just itching to start knitting them up to sell, as I have loads of wool and loads of Koolaid!!!!! OOOhsexciting!!!!
I am quietly confident ;)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Okay.......verdicts are in.....and.....

.............I need to do some more testing!!!! But......only on the leg cuffs, as doing them in K3P3 rib still makes them look "shortie"...and I want them to be more "pantie" ;)
So....tighter rib it is!!!
Have a lovely little girl in Switzerland who has kindly agreed to test them for they are on the pins as I type...will take pics when they are finished.
Things have been a little mad this week! Dan has been on a week long Leicester City Community Football course in a nearby village, so have been ferrying him to and fro on the bus to that. Joel has been a little mardybum, missing his big bro and being a tired snotfactory too :( We've used our borrowed New Generation Ergo quite a lot this week. Bless him.
Having a couple of good friends over for lunch tomorrow (Friday) that'll be a very welcome distraction, for both of us!!! Gonna cook sweet potato, leek and butternut squash soup, and make some cheese and red onion bread in the breadmaker :) Nothing like a bit of good chat and good food to cheer a girl up ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Last Tester pair!!

This is the final pair I am sending out for I should know by the end of the week whether the pattern is Pants or not...he he he..get it.....Pants.....he he he :D
These ones are going out to Annie my illustrious benefactor!!!!!!! Without whom none of this Babylonglegs gubbins would ever have happened!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reworked the pants pattern........

I have started the leg decreases earlier in this the first tester pair I did still looked a lot like shorts. I am hoping these will be a bit better!!!! These will be winging their way to my blogging buddy Nic for her little boy to test out for size and fit :D

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pleased as Punch!!!!!!!!

I had a fantastic day yesterday. Joel and I went to a meetup at Nottingham Castle, with a few members of the online parenting forum I frequent, Mumsonline Its was just great to meet some peeps I'd only spoken to before on MSN messenger, namely Gemma and a few others. We went on the train there and back.....Joel loved it.
When I got back, and inevitable turned on the PC (teehee) I found an email from KittyKins.....and YAY!!!!! My shorts are on the website!!!!
Have a looksee ...... Babylonglegs at Kittykins

I feel so proud..... I have dedicated this massive achievement to the memory of my Grandma, who sadly passed away earlier this year. I had the opportunity to take this on a few days after coming back from her funeral. I was so unsure as to whether I could do it, but I had a good long think, and realised my Grandma would have encouraged me to go for I did, and 3 months later here I am!

So a BIG thankyou to Anj at Kittykins for having faith in my product, to Annie for also having faith in me.....and to all my friends for supporting me this past year whilst Babylonglegs has been finding its feet. I couldn't have done it without you xXxXxXxXx

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


............and I have to say I am mighty pleased with them!!! Just hope they are a nice fit :) I have found a tester for them anyway.... my friend Sarah Malone, who owns a nappy website called AngelTots has a littlun who is wearing the medium size at the moment...and she's a mad woolly fan too!!!
I went into town today with Joel, to meet DH for lunch and see if we could get Joel some summer knockabout shoes in the luck there...... :(
Whilst I was up there, we walked past The City Gallery, and they had a fantastic exhibition on called Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK it was great!!! There was lots of re-fashioned denim and urban styles, some Worn Again Shoes which I really liked, they look much nicer in the flesh! Re-fashioning is really becoming popular......I should get my backside in gear and re-fashion some of mine! I have a big pile of stuff.....but just don't seem to be able to get on with it!

New Pattern!!!!

Been playing around with my shorts pattern, to try and come up with a woolly more like a soaker, for all round use :) Been bouncing ideas of my friend Sara and think I have an idea of what to do!!! Just need a tester now, to see what the shape is like. Am quite pleased with the way they have come out!