Thursday, August 10, 2006

Okay.......verdicts are in.....and.....

.............I need to do some more testing!!!! But......only on the leg cuffs, as doing them in K3P3 rib still makes them look "shortie"...and I want them to be more "pantie" ;)
So....tighter rib it is!!!
Have a lovely little girl in Switzerland who has kindly agreed to test them for they are on the pins as I type...will take pics when they are finished.
Things have been a little mad this week! Dan has been on a week long Leicester City Community Football course in a nearby village, so have been ferrying him to and fro on the bus to that. Joel has been a little mardybum, missing his big bro and being a tired snotfactory too :( We've used our borrowed New Generation Ergo quite a lot this week. Bless him.
Having a couple of good friends over for lunch tomorrow (Friday) that'll be a very welcome distraction, for both of us!!! Gonna cook sweet potato, leek and butternut squash soup, and make some cheese and red onion bread in the breadmaker :) Nothing like a bit of good chat and good food to cheer a girl up ;)


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