Friday, November 25, 2005

And another pair :)

These have been on the pins for weeks.....but they are finally done :) They are really soft, and thick, so will be perfect for this upcoming winter.
Had a hard old week this week. Phil has been off work poorly, with a chest infection :( I started feeling dodgy too....but it didn't come to anything, thank goodness....
We had some really bad news this morning. Phil's Nanna passed away in the early hours :'( We're going down there tomorrow, just to offer some emotional support to his folks...and so they can see their grandchildren all together.....they like that.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another pair finished!!!! These took ages, because I knitted them with double knitting wool.....but are so worth it :) They are really soft, and the two yarns mixed together on the leg have turned out brilliantly.
Will put them in the post tomorrow, ready to be graced by another booful little bottom!!!

Had the best lie in this morning..and I must have needed it because I didn't wake up woken up with a cuppa at 1.30pm! Aaaaahhhh :D
Went out for a lovely walk this afternoon, round Watermead Park. It used to be an old granite quarry, and they've now filled all the big holes in with water so its a twitchers paradise! Even tho it was cold there was loads of people out and about. Dan went on his bike and Joel insisted on being in the Ergo he's still not well bless him....hasn't wanted to walk anywhere for a few days now.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

'Twas a cold and frosty morning......

Woke up this morning, and looked out in the garden, to find spider's webs everywhere......all covered in was beautiful! Had to go out and take some pics of them.....
Took Daniel to football this morning, and nearly froze my feet off! Phil cancelled Soccer School (he teaches the 4-6 yr olds...way too cold for them this morning!) He stayed at home with Joel :)
Had my hair cut this afternoon too....looks miles better! Has some shape now instead of just being a lifeless mop.....
Just had the best news Longies are now online!!! My friend, Annie, at Puddlepants is stocking them for me.....until I get organised enough to have a website :) I am so excited......
Finishes another pair tonight, just got the i-cord to do, and I can post them out on Monday....will take a piccy tomorrow and post it on here.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Not blogged for a few days!

Another satisfied customer!!!! They are a bit long in the leg......ahh but she'll grow into them :)
Been a mad old week, as usual. We're all full of cold and coughs, nothing really serious though...which I am thankful for....nothing worse than poorly ickles :(
Daniel has been in trouble at school nearly every day.....aarrgh :( His class teacher has absolutely no clue as to how to deal with him, he runs rings around her, is rude and refuses to do anything she says...I talk to him on a daily basis about being kind, helpful etc...but does he listen?
Things are going really well with the knitting though :) More and more people are clicking on my banner on Mumsonline, and a couple of good friends have mentioned me on other parenting word is getting out! Because of this I am going to be snowed under until after Christmas at least...hehehe, keeps me out of trouble ;)
Going to have some "me" time tomorrow, go and get my hair cut. Its getting way too long, and dry at the ends, so a trim is just what it needs. Was thinking of a radical cut...but then looked at how long it is and decided against it.......

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Funny old day today really......

Can't explain it....was one of those days where it would be unwise to really try and achieve anything, like your constantly swimming against a current.
Daniel played in a football match this morning, and he scored a fantastic goal! He is really talented, although I am of course biased.....hehehe. They did, however, lose the game 3-1...but the boys are getting better with each game, so they'll get there!!! As long as they have fun along the way it doesn't matter anyway ;)
Phil and I were due to go out for the afternoon, for a cruise in the Corvette and a pub meal with other regional members of the Corvette Club UK......but our babysitter let us down literally half an hour before we were due to go :( It must have been something pretty serious for her to do that, but she didn't specify the details in her text. Phil got really cross about it, but I tend not to expect too much these days, then the disappointment doesn't hit you very hard...experience has taught me that! Gosh, that makes me sound so hard done to, doesn't it! I was secretly looking forward to it, but hey ho....Phil wouldn't go on his own as he felt guilty about would have been okay with me though if he had.
EBay auctions finished this evening, and I was a little disappointed with the results :( My bidders have got some bargains! Well I hope they enjoy was the last of my stuff I can't wear any more 'cos of weight loss, and it was all stuff I loved too....
Had a Chinese take-away tonight, tried a new place that delivers, as Phil was still feeling dish was lovely, Beancurd with green peppers and BlackBean sauce...oooooh yum, but he wasn't impressed....thats always the way isn't it?
Bring on tomorrow....lets hope this funny feeling subsides over night!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Planet Football !!!

I have not stopped today!
Phil is quite poorly with a cold (as he's on immunosuppressant meds things hit him a lot harder), so I did the football run this morning. Took all the under 7's subs as usual...I got a lot of appreciation this morning from the coaches, which is always nice. I am one of the only Mums who gets involved :(
Took Dan and Joel out to the village this afternoon, to give Phil time to rest. Dan got his hair a Harry Potter lightening flash cut into his hair at the side, looks very cool and he loves it :)
Am just looking forward to sitting and knitting tonight.......

Friday, November 11, 2005

Doodlepants are finished!!!

Here is my first attempt at a pair of Doodlepants :)
I altered the pattern slightly, by increasing a feww stitches each side, and adding a K1 P1 rib, to act as "elastic" so the bum doesn't sag. I tried them on a friends little girl this morning, and they looked great! Just need to put an I-cord in the waistband, and they are ready to go :) I do want to start embellishing them, may put a couple of pockets on each leg at the side, underneath the rib, with some cute buttons on or something....
I had a hat knitting session last night.....LOL..what a disaster! Knit it completely in the wrong yarn and needle size, so it fits my youngest perfectly....hahaha, was meant to be for me...good job it was just an experiment. I did manage to finish it in under two hours though!
Feeling loads better today, all the acheyness and fuzzy head has gone...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Think I am coming down with something :(

Just feeling achey and "off"....
Just had a shower with we are both squeaky clean now....he's tucked up in my bed with teletubbies on the tv/vid combi :o)
Found a perfect hat pattern:
Beanie Hat Gonna skip the holes...just do the whole thing in K2 P2 rib. Need my 4mm circs for that tho...and they have a pair of longies on 'em at the mo...booooo. Do have another pair coming in the post though, so hopefully they will arrive today so I can get on with it. Shouldn't take too long!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Have an urge to make a hat.....

I bought a machine knit wool beanie this morning in the Charity Shop (hereafter referred to as "Chazzer"..haha :D ) and I now have the urge to knit if I havn't got enough to some really nice DK I could use tho....hmmm....
Had to take Daniel to the docs this morning, as his asthma is flaring up again...his night coughing has been terrible lately :( The doc has upped his inhaler frequency and doses for a week....see if we can't bring it back under control. At least when we got to school, his missing coat was sitting on his peg...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Been tweaking :o)

Phil and I have been sitting here messing about with the HTML template of this blog...and have added some links, a mail to link, and some photos, all on the left sidebar of the page.
I know it looks a bit full of photos at the moment, but once my first posting move off the front'll calm down a bit :D
I am quite pleased with it actually!!!!

Grrrrrrr at some people

Went to pick Daniel up from school today....and he came out without his 2 week old school coat....again. But the only difference this time was that he (and his class teacher) couldn't find it. Daniel has a longLongLONG track record of losing stuff, and not looking after things, so I was quite cross. Anyway...someone I walk to school with, and that I have known for a long time had a go at me over it, in front of mine and other kids, and I am livid about it. 'Twas none of her business, I wouldn't dream of making any comments like that to her!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Doodlepants Longies

I am working on a new pattern at the moment.....DoodlePants
I emailed the lady who wrote the pattern, and she is happy to recieve a small donation every time I (hopefully) sell one....woohoo! I hope to market these longies for "day" wear, as they are knit in stocking stitch as opposed to rib (K1 P1). They are perfect for embellishing too, with pockets/embroidery/patches etc. I could also make them bootcut and knit decorative edgings on the bottoms of the legs. We shall see how it goes ;)
Got some more Addis in the post this morning :D
I have a real collection of them going on now...all 4mm and 3.25 mm sizes in varying lengths from 30cm up to 80cm...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

So, I just jumped on that Blogger bandwagon that passed my way.....

Here are some photos of the knitting I have been doing over the past few months...
Its has been an amazing learning curve!!!! My longies were crude and simple until I changed over to circular knitting needles, then everything just started to happen at 100mph :) Using circulars means the minimum amount of sewing, which suits me down to the uncomfortable seams and no extra work for me!
Well, it keeps me out of trouble, and gives me a creative outlet an excuse to trawl eBay for wool....hahaha