Monday, April 30, 2007

Rose Garden Shorts

These are a Bespke order from the Wesbsite, for a little girl in Scotland who is a big fan of woollies :)
They are made from hand dyed BFL, and are a large size :)

Festival Shorts

These only took a short time to do, as they are a small pair. They are the result of some experimenting on Saturday......yes, that was BEFORE I nearly burned the flippin' house down :(
They will be going into my Instock shop very soon......

Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Nappy/Woolly set

A size 2 Popper Stuffie, with hemp soaker and insert, and a simply luxurious pair of cropped Longies (M/L) made from 50% Merino - 50% Alpaca Aran. The waistband, pockets and leg ruffles are made from a block pink, and the body of the garment is made from hand-dyed. They were and absolute dream to knit.......and I absolutely love them :) I just about gave the yarn time to dry before I just HAD to knit with it.....hahaha
Its just been added to my website Instock Shop

Teamwork in the face of disaster

Our new kitchen is cursed...I am positive of it.
Thursday night, my husband goes up for a shower, and 5 mins later we have water literally gushing through the light fittings :( There is a hole in the soil pipe leading away from the plug....
But, looking at it another way, its a good job I was sitting here at the computer, so we could catch it so early on. Theres not much damage because we caught it early on, and we worked together to diagnose the problem.
Then tonight, I made the kids their dinner, but absentmindedly forgot to turn one of the hob rings off, I am always doing it. Then I decided to put a load of washing on, and after it was in the machine I put the plastic laundry basket on the hob, like I always do. 5 mins later, I notice a funny plastic burning smell......and the rest is history.... :(
My husband was brilliant, and like before theres not alot of damage because we worked together to clean it up.
Both of the incidents could have been so much worse, the latter could have caused the whole house to go up, it doesn't bear thinking about :(
I've just about stopped shaking, and thank goodness for Dr.Who, 'cos neither of the kids knew anything was going on tonight..... hehehe
So, the moral of this story is, work together to solve problems.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Art Deco Shorts

I love how these have turned out, although when I lanolised them the black ran quite alot :( So the white is now grey.....hey ho! They are a medium, made from BFL aran, and should be going into my Instock Shop at Puddlepants very soon!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Longies :)

These are also a custom Large/XL...the dark stipes are Colinette skye, and the other stripes are variegated hand dyed pure wool.....

Pink Delight

These were a custom order for a customer, hand dyed BFL in a large size :) Really pleased with the colours, and the way they striped...

Some Pics

Me and Joel

Spot the Monkeys

Tired and Grumpy



The Hughsies

Sorry for the silence.......

Its been a manic couple of weeks sorry for the blogging silence. Got told off by Sarah at Stitch and Bitch last night about it, so I thought I'd better pull my finger out....hehehe
The Easter holidays were great, nice to have Dan at home, although him and his little brother got tired of each other by the end of it...they were quite tiresome actually...*sigh*
The second week was full of poorly...Joel developed chickenpox, he didn't have them too badly, but you know what boys are like when they are ill! Dosed him up with Rhus Tox (homeopathic) which accelerated the illness, but made him better quicker, and Piriton for nights. Lathered him in Aqueous Calamine cream too....which helped a lot. I have kept it up minimise any scarring. The spots are almost gone now.....
We also went on holiday, Monday to Friday to the Isle of Wight...first trip on a Ferry for the boys :D We stayed in a chalet in a site just outside Shanklin called Lower Hyde It was okay, a bit shabby if I am honest, but you can't complain when the whole holiday including the ferry crossing cost us less that £100....hehehe
Will post some holiday pics in a little while.....
Its back to some semblance of normality now...Dan back at school, Joel back at his pre-school sessions.......and me vainly trying to resemble a housewife.....not doing a very good job of it either!!! tut tut

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Bouquet

The Inspiration
The Wool The Woolly!!!

In memory........

Feeling a bit down today, as its a year since my maternal Grandma passed away :( Rang my Mum, we had a good old chat about anything and everything...
As my Grandma was one of the reasons Babylonglegs began, I got my dyeing head on today...results shown above :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, just after my monthly Tesco shop had been delivered, my 18 month old Fridge Freezer decided it wasn't very happy, and died :( Everything defrosted blah blah blah AAARGGHHHH
To say I was anoyed/upset/stressed was kind of an understatement, as the school holidays were just about to begin, plus I had just lost a whole freezer full of food.
Anyway, I called the manufacturers, and they were very helpful. They arranged for a refrigeration engineer to come out and look at it. He then submitted his report and I rang them up yesterday, as I hadn't heard anything. They kindly informed me I was to contact Comet (who I bought it from) and give them a code so I could get a replacement!!!!!
Comet then phoned me back this morning, and we arranged for them to come out on I am a very happy bunny :D I suspect if I'd called Comet first, and as the appliance was out of guarantee, they'd have fobbed me off with some excuse. I called BEKO because I wanted to know WHY a £250 appliance should fail, so early on in its lifespan...they obviously agreed with me that it was outrageous ;)
So woohoo.....we'll be all refridgerated again soon...and I can get some cheese *grin*

A Swiss selection :)

For my friend in Switzerland, who is due to have her new baby at the end of this month :)
A medium pair of shorts, with hand dyed BFL aran by The Krafty Koala and a small pair pair of Pants, in the "On Fire" colourway....Merino aran hand dyed by me :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easy Tiger!!!

These were my Easter Weekend project :D Large Shorts......made from pure wool aran and some Hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester Aran by Krafty Koala
They are going into my instock Shop at Puddlepants

Friday, April 06, 2007

Eggggsellent Egghats :)

These are Boiled egg Hats...for my neice and two nephews, done as an easter gift :) Done with a variety of sock wools, on 3.5mm dpns.....
I am quite chuffed with them I just made them up as I went along :)
Happy Easter Blogland!!!!

Rainbow Shorts

Rainbow Shorts, in Bluefaced Leicester Aran..........Large size

Monday, April 02, 2007

Blood Orange

From a colourway dyed by Gemma , Large pants with an inch extra in the rise :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rose Garden

A bespoke pair of Merino Aran Combat Longies, in a beautiful pastel green and pink colourway :)