Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teamwork in the face of disaster

Our new kitchen is cursed...I am positive of it.
Thursday night, my husband goes up for a shower, and 5 mins later we have water literally gushing through the light fittings :( There is a hole in the soil pipe leading away from the plug....
But, looking at it another way, its a good job I was sitting here at the computer, so we could catch it so early on. Theres not much damage because we caught it early on, and we worked together to diagnose the problem.
Then tonight, I made the kids their dinner, but absentmindedly forgot to turn one of the hob rings off, I am always doing it. Then I decided to put a load of washing on, and after it was in the machine I put the plastic laundry basket on the hob, like I always do. 5 mins later, I notice a funny plastic burning smell......and the rest is history.... :(
My husband was brilliant, and like before theres not alot of damage because we worked together to clean it up.
Both of the incidents could have been so much worse, the latter could have caused the whole house to go up, it doesn't bear thinking about :(
I've just about stopped shaking, and thank goodness for Dr.Who, 'cos neither of the kids knew anything was going on tonight..... hehehe
So, the moral of this story is, work together to solve problems.


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