Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sorry for the silence.......

Its been a manic couple of weeks sorry for the blogging silence. Got told off by Sarah at Stitch and Bitch last night about it, so I thought I'd better pull my finger out....hehehe
The Easter holidays were great, nice to have Dan at home, although him and his little brother got tired of each other by the end of it...they were quite tiresome actually...*sigh*
The second week was full of poorly...Joel developed chickenpox, he didn't have them too badly, but you know what boys are like when they are ill! Dosed him up with Rhus Tox (homeopathic) which accelerated the illness, but made him better quicker, and Piriton for nights. Lathered him in Aqueous Calamine cream too....which helped a lot. I have kept it up minimise any scarring. The spots are almost gone now.....
We also went on holiday, Monday to Friday to the Isle of Wight...first trip on a Ferry for the boys :D We stayed in a chalet in a site just outside Shanklin called Lower Hyde It was okay, a bit shabby if I am honest, but you can't complain when the whole holiday including the ferry crossing cost us less that £100....hehehe
Will post some holiday pics in a little while.....
Its back to some semblance of normality now...Dan back at school, Joel back at his pre-school sessions.......and me vainly trying to resemble a housewife.....not doing a very good job of it either!!! tut tut


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