Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SuperSecretProject yarn :)

Finally, my supersecretproject yarn is done :D
It is a 3ply aran weight, one ply is SW merino, one is BFL and one is Falkland. I spun it undyed, then over~dyed it purple today :D
I have made this kind of yarn before, I love the way the dye is taken in by the different fibres and produces a tri~colour effect.
I love it, it's gonna be perfect!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tree Gems

I have a hearty recommendation for you all, and not just because he used my yarns in the picture of his beautiful WPI gauge ;)
He is the lovely husband of a lovely lady, Pat, another WoollyWormhead hat knitter...... and he is a very skillful and accomplished woodworker. I bought a beautiful pendant off him a few months back, and I wear it almost every day. The texture of it is amazing.
So, you guys, go and look at his work, and mark him as a favourite, you'll NOT be disappointed..... :)

My Family

We went to an evening wedding reception on Friday night, so we took the opportunity to take some nice family photos of us all *poshed* up :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wheel for sale :)

Okay the time has come for me to sell my Louet S11, Lola :)
She’s a wonderful wheel, came to me from Jammam, and I am only selling her because she is sat behind my sofa looking all sad and wan. I can’t justify keeping her, because my Robin has a better bobbin capacity.
I won’t be selling the lazy kate however, as I have a Louet Victoria and still want to be able to 3 ply, but I think I can spare 3 bobbins hehehe
As you can see from the flyer close~up, I took the sliding hooks off and screwed hooks into the wood, as I really did not get on with the sliding hooks at all.

I am looking for £225, and collection only as I am far too lazy for anything else……!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My BeooOOOootiful Boys!!

I know it's a bit late for "first day of the new school year" photos....but here they are......
Actually not taken on the first day of school, as they were rubbish, so we took some more ;)
Handsome lads or wot?

Earth Mother Lacy Baktus

Okay, so I wasn't happy with the way the Triangular Prayer Shawl turned out when I'd finished it, it really wan't big ehough, so I frogged/knit a Lacy Baktus straight from it.
I am so pleased with it.......its really beautiful.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ziggy Zag :)

Isn't this sweater just gorgeous???
It's been designed by the very talented Carol Feller of StolenStitches, and it's called Ziggy Zag
She bought a skein of "Spring Greens" BFL sock yarn out of my bargain box at Ravelry Day in Coventry, and then contacted me after for the other skein of it.
I am so proud to have a pattern designed with my yarn!!!
And such a wonderful pattern too...

Shop Update!!!

Here is a sneaky peek at the Aran I am putting in the shop tomorrow night :)
Mostly 200g lots, there are a couple of 300g ones......all British Merino Aran......and all aching to be re~homed bu you lovely people ;)
Gonna be updating from 8pm tomorrow night.....be there or be square ;)

New base yarn :)

I had a sizeable yarn delivery this week, and amongst it all was this new base yarn. Its made from British Merino, and is a 2ply, high~twist sock yarn and its lovely. Takes the dye beautifully, and when knitted up will provide very good stitch definition.
There's 366m/400yds per 100g, and this particular skein (in my "Jewels" colourway) will be listed in the shop tomorrow.
I am very excited about being able to offer everyone a new yarn to play with...!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

IKnit haul :)

So, this weekend saw me at the IKnit Weekender in London, helping Jeni of Fyberspates on her stand. It was awesome, I spent quality time with some good friends, met lots of people, and did what I love to do best...ENABLE!!!
I did manage a few purchases of my own, even though it was a very busy and extremely tiring couple of days ;)
This is some gorgeous Merino sock yarn from Jeni, "Peacock" is the colourway.......the colours are so deep and rich, I really couldn't resist it!

A Crazy Zauberball, from Bev at Knitting4Fun... I have wanted one of these for aaaaaaages, but wanted to see it in the "Flesh" first.....as you do!

And this button is from Toft Alpaca, it is 12cm wide!!! I felt so inspired to make myself a bag after I initially saw it, I went back and bought one....... :D

Monday, September 07, 2009


Made from my 3ply handspun "Tampico Too"....
This is Abalone, by WoollyWormhead, a sideways constructed slouchy hat from her book "Going Straight".
I've been wanting to make this one for ages, and hit perfect gauge with this yarn, and it just flew onto the needles, so all the signs were good as the knitting progressed!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What a difference a ply makes!!

Same make~up as "Tampico", the only difference is that I added a darker ply of mixed up merino, it tealy/turquoises, as I prefer something darker for myself.
This one is called "Tampico Too" :)
Destined to be a new hat, Abalone by WoollyWormhead :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cable Twist IV......Sparkle!!!

Finished these the other day.....and they are so full of win :)
Firstly because I have 52g of the yarn left over to make MORE and secondly because they sparkle :D
They are made from Fyberspate's Sparkle sock yarn, which has 5% sterling silver in it ;)
Posh Socks or wot?

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tampico, 3ply Handspun

Sorry it has taken me so long to get pictures of this up....!!!
I have no idea of yardage yet, as I havn't measured it, but there's roughly 280g of merino~tencel loveliness......so shiny and pretty!!!