Thursday, November 22, 2012



Okay, so I have decided to add another Aran yarn to my inventory... semi-Precious's bigBIG sister, semi-Precious Aran.  It's a gorgeously soft and sleek yarn, not very tightly spun so you can really delight in it's construction... and it takes colour wonderfully, just like it's siblings.
I havn't knit with it yet myself, but I expect it to have an amazing drape, and it just SHINES ... srsly SHINES... :D
It will retail at £14, and is perfect for winter hats, or just general stash enhancement and fondling. 
Whatever is your particular poison :D
I'll letchoo all know when I have some up in the shop, shall I?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

My New Hat

Everyone knows I am a Hat Junkie... moreover a WoollyWormhead Hat Junkie, and it's been a while since my last fix... hahaha!!
A few weeks back, I travelled oOop North to spend some time with her, and went to the Hat Clinic at PurlCity Yarns in Manchester ... tried 'Sumner' on, and that was it... I was completely transfixed/obsessed/bewitched IN L♥VE

Plus, it was designed for her new book, in my semi-Precious yarn, so I had to make it... yes?
It's a genius pattern, with a few tricky techniques in it, which looked super scary on paper, but once I'd got my head around it, they were very easy actually, fiddly maybe, but not difficult, if you get me?
I quickly realised that 'Pie' was not the best colourway for evening knitting (insert crossed eyes here)... so this switched to a natural light project... the shine of the silk helped immensely with the picking up of stitches...

So ... say hello to my new Hat, which I haven't removed since I finished it 6 hours ago *GRiN*