Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is Lara from the Twist Collective Winter 2010, made by a veryVeryVERY talented customer of mine, Manda :)
Such a beautiful finished item, made from semi-Precious DK, dyed in my "Buttercup" colourway :)
It took 2 skeins...
Manda made a "Centrique" for herself in the same colourway, when I had my Centrique KAl on Ravelry, and the two go together beautifully :)

Thankyou so much for letting me share your wonderful creations in Yellow, Manda!!

(Photos reproduced with the very kind permssion of the owner)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Royal Fail

So, last night I paid a large amount of money to ParcelForce to deliver my Cherry Matchless to it's new home on the Isle of Wight...
I booked for them to come and collect between 9am and 3pm, printed all the right documentation out etc... as you do?
So 2.45pm comes... and I am due to leave the house to collect J from school...still no ParcelForce person to collect the box... so I wait...
Cutting it close to the wire, Mr ParcelForce Man comes to my door.
"Hello" says I,
"Hello, love" says he..."wrong answer", thinks I
"Have you a plastic document keeper for the Address Label?" says I (It clearly states on the ParcelForce website that my driver would kindly provide one, as it is required)
"We don't do that, love" says he..."wrong answer", thinks I
"But it says on the website that you would provide one for me?" says I
"Well I don't know why it would say that, love, because we don't do it" says he..."wrong answer", thinks I

Can you see a pattern emerging here ?

So, I trotted off to the kitchen to get some cellotape to attatch the address label, stuck it on and proceeded to ask...

"You will be careful to keep the box the right way up, won't you?" says I
"Oh, I can't guarantee that, love, we get over 5000 parcels a day at the depot" says he..."wrong answer", thinks I
"Yes, but there's writing on it that says fragile and that it's supposed to be kept upright" says I
"Well, if it's fragile you shouldn't be sending it via ParcelForce, Love" says he
"Pardon me?" says I
"You are the only service that delivers to the Isle of Wight, so I had no choice!!" (voice tone appearing slightly strained by now)

By this time, he'd given me my receipt and had picked up the box, I almost expected him to turn it upside down on purpose, in accordance with his asinine attitude...but he didn't.

"Please be careful with it" says I (now incredibly glad I paid for the extra insurance)

Can you guess the response??

"Oh, I can't guarantee that, love, we get over 5000 parcels a day at the depot"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mailing List !!

Okay...another first for me...!!
I have created a mailing list, so you lovely peeps can recieve exclusive offers, news and discount codes on my new webshop, did I mention already that I have a NEW and totally awesome webshop?
So, sign up here and check your inbox sometime next week for an opening night discount code!!!
I absolutely promise never to share your precious details with anyone....

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I just thought I should letchoo guys know that I am in the process of setting up a new webshop, with BigCartel

I have decided to leave Folksy, as the fees on there are reeeediculous, and to be honest I am not happy with their lack of support for one of their biggest sellers ;)

Leaving them will also let me keep my prices the same as they are now, for the time being anyway, as BigCartel only charges a monthly fee…which is very good news for all of my valued customers and friends :D

So…Babylonglegs will soon have a new look, but will offer exactly the same service and quality as always!!!

WooHoo…I am so excited!!