Sunday, September 26, 2010


(pictures reproduced with kind permission of Joel)

Joel has been learning how to draw portraits at school, and we came downstairs this morning to find these lovely drawings of his most loved (currently) teddies on the kitchen table...

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Inspiration

This picture was posted on my Ravelry Group "Friday Inspirations" thread. but I was really busy yesterday, so I decided that I'd have some fun with my dyeing today :)

I have called this little lot "Autumnal Fire", as it's quite a topical subject, with the changing of the seasons going on at the moment, and also as a little artistic homage to Mr Wool :)

Whilst dyeing, I listened to a few new albums that Husbeast got for me, namely the entire Rammstein back catalogue, so I felt that it was fitting to name a few of them in German :)





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Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of an era ......

(photo reproduced with kind permission of Andy Robinson)

At the weekend, my lovely friend, and wool supplier Andy Robinson, lost all of his current white wool stocks in a horrendous fire at his storage facility. At latest count, it comes to around 5 tonnes, if you include his discontinued stocks of Rowan Scottish Tweed.
That is one helluva lot of wool..... and a big blow for him, and all us Indies in the UK who depend on his awesome skillz as a Fixer ;)
But, despite it all, despite this huge event and its repercussions throughout the Woolly World, he put his own worries and shell shock to one side, and worked hard to make sure people have undyed yarns and fibres !! I recieved an order via the courier this morning, goodness knows where he *found* it all, but I have wool again, thanks to Mr Wool *grin*

What can I say, but thankyou, Andy. Your strength and consideration for others is second to none.

Amongst the stocks that were lost forever, were 4 of my staple base yarns, British Merino Aran, DK and Sock, and my Radiance Aran.
As these were all one-off spin runs, all he had, is all there is :(
The British Merino Yarns in particular were very special. A few years ago, he bought a huge amount of British Merino (as in the top 2% of the clip, therefore the finest) at auction, to celebrate his company HW Hammond being in the wool business for 150 years. This was then spun into the above yarns, and some being left as tops too, for handspinners.
Now, for me it's just the most amazing yarn. Outstanding quality, as those of you who have used it can testify to, being sturdy and soft all at the same time. It also takes colour in a wonderful, powdery way, a dream to dye for me, and you have to be really rough with it to harm it, which is right up my street ;) I am not a habitual wool boiler, but you know, I have known to be distracted once in a while!

So, this weeks shop update is all about my remaining stock of British Merino Aran. I had 600g of undyed yarn (plus a few 50g hanks for trims) left before the fire, so that has been dyed into my 3 favourite Babylonglegs colourways...

Blue Banana

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Inspiration

Strawberry Shortcake

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate Candy

Bohemian Raspberry

Today's inspiration is sweeties, cakes and suggested by lovely members of my Ravelry group, as well as it being National Cupcake Week this week :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Sayin' ....

So, the 30 days are up, and the grim realisation has *officially* hit.
People are not being paid, and unless they get themselves in line pretty quick, they probably won't :(
The creditor list is as long as my arm, and your arm...and a few other peoples arms too.
Thing is, everyone knew it would happen...I certainly did, it's one of the reasons I had to sadly pull out as a vendor, but it all still went ahead, regardless.
I am reallyREALLY proud of my friends (who were tutors) who went to Stirling, knowing it was gonna be an epic FAIL financially, as they went not just for themselves, but for the KnitCampers.
KnitCamp Tutor
So, there are hundreds of people, now globally scattered, who gave their time (as lovely tutors) and their money (as lovely KnitCampers) and are now left feeling cheated and betrayed.
And there is nothing they can do about it, 'cept wait and hope.
I know a lot of my Indie colleagues are worried about the impact it will have on on all our businesses and reputations globally.
I am too... I just hope we're not all tarred with the same brush as British Yarns Ltd...
Thing is, I don't know if many of you know this, but I was there at the inaugural meeting to organise the very first Ravelry Day, in Coventry, 2009. I have a gift (or a curse) in that I can pretty much work people out from the off. After the meeting I said there was no way I could help organise "the vision" as it needed more than just the 3 people who were in that Museum Cafe in Coventry for it to succeed. But, it went ahead, and was an organisational nightmare, for just about everyone involved, and people came away not being paid...not on the immense scale of KnitCamp, but still...
And it happened a second time...???
Anyway, I shall get to the point, as I haven't said anything so far that hasn't already been said.
I have a really bad feeling that this is not the end, and I have to stress that this is my own personal opinion, so please take it as that?
I really hope that as well as trying to sort this impossible mess out, the Husbeast is also looking to his family, and keeping a close eye on the well being of them all.

They have truly lovely children, polite and beautifully mannered, and I think they have both suffered throughout all this, how could they not have? Not just as a result of the recent troubles, but last years also.

Stress has a really odd way of manifesting itself, especially if there is already an existing imbalance ... I am just worried :( boring am I?
Yup...that was me jumping on the KnitCamp bandwagon, sorry there is no new gossip or anything, but as I think you all know, it is not for me to say, and it's all pretty much out there now anyway.

To be completely honest, and this how I really feel... money troubles aside...don't you think we should all move on a bit?? I feel like it's stolen enough mojo from everyone.

We need to move forward... make it better, rise above the bad feeling?

Yeah, lets do proactive :)

Just sayin'

Friday, September 10, 2010

I have decided.....

"Gazania" Merino Sock

"Butterscotch" British Merino Sock

"Butterscotch" Boo Sock

Today was a bleary and grey day, the kind of day that just sucks your energy... but this beautiful Gazania, in a neglected pot outside my back door just totally inspired me, it was like my sunshine :)
And this gave me an idea !!!

From now on, I have decided, that Fridays are going to be my “Fun” day :)

Not that every day in my working week isn’t fun, ‘cos it is, but I want Fridays to be real fun…being challenged :)

So, lovely people, I challenge you to inspire me :)

Post a picture on the "Friday Inspirations" thread on my Ravelry group, or a link to something, and every Friday I will choose a picture from that thread, and work from it, producing a body of work around this inspiration.

Then, I will blog what I have done :)

Incidentally, if it’s your picture I choose, you’ll win a prize ;)

Sound like fun???

PS. None of the above yarns will be on sale in my shop, unfortunately. They are part of a trade order going to Fibre and Clay in Knutsford

Joel was inspired too :)

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Colourwork WIN !!!

So, have loved this hat, Urbanista, ever since it was first published in last Summer's Knitty, but have never had the courage to start making it, as I just thought I'd get cross with it/myself/the world for not being able to do it.
Plucked up courage to make a start on it, and had to do some really serious stash diving to find the perfect colours to go with my handspun panels (the greeny ones)
It knitted up a dream, so NOT complicated at all!
As always, Woolly explained everything perfectly...AND I worked from a chart AND I didn't muck up the graft!!
So...a general all round WIN situation I'd say ;)

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Boys are school !

My boys returned to school today, only this year they will be apart, as Daniel has gone up to High School...
How can THAT be...where did the time go??

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Hayley Too

"Rambo's Whirled"

"Hayley Too"

This hat pattern is my contribution to the 4!Oz!Challenge!, I WILL write it up, promise!
I have already made one using the challenge yarn, but it needed another handspun test knit, so I chose this yarn for it, a 3ply, made from ITW Merino “Emerald City” and some Rambo from Julie Spins.
I am so glad I did, as it’s knitted up wonderfully and I am now wishing for cold weather so I can wear it all the time :D

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