Saturday, September 30, 2006

New seasons Longies finished :o)

Pink and purple stripes, small
Fiery stripes, medium

Rainbow stripes, Large

These will soon be listed in my instock shop at Puddlepants

Thursday, September 28, 2006

New seasons Longies.....drying on a towel :o)

Whaddya think of the colours??? They should be listed on Puddlepants pretty soon...once they have dried :o)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Flashing my Stash :o)

Designer (DB, Colinette and a huge 400g hank of pure wool)

Acrylics and sock wools top left balls all 100g, big Black ball @300g, bottom left to right sock wools 100g balls and 50g balls
Various Arans......cones are 500g of balls are 50g

Pure wool Merinos, all 50g balls, and last two rows are vintage yarns, in 25g balls

Pure Wool DK, all 50g balls

Hand-dyed BFL Aran (Big balls=100g, rest of balls are oddments 20g-50g each)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Had an afternoon to myself......

And instead of being a good housewife/mummy..... (yeah right!!!!)
I played around with some Koolaid and some wool....
Instead of my usual dunking and hoping, like I usually do, I applied the dye with a medicine syringe, so the areas of colour are nearly all the same size. The colours have come out really strong.

Leo's Pants :)

Made for my friend Gemma....well not for her exactly, for her little boy hehehehehe

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Been a busy bee :)

These are all stock for Annie at Puddlepants , she has 6 pairs now.....2 in each size :)
Am going to get started on my trade order now.....phewee.....its all go :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pink for a Girl, and Marine Pants.......

Both small pairs for my instock shop at Puddlepants, just another 4 pairs to go till they are fully stocked again!!! Plus 3 pairs of Longies.........boy am I a busy bunny at the moment :o)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Rainbow Pants!!!!!

The first of 6!!! I have a trade order for a website called WoweeNappies and I am really excited about it!!! My second trade order within a year of starting up.......I can't quite believe it. Its mad really, as I don't do any advertising, I only have a blog, no website or anything yet!
My good friends at Puddlepants have been fantastic at being my "shop window".....and long may it continue :o)
A big thankyou to Gemma for being an amazing koolaid dyeing person....and also to Sara for helping me sort out the pants pattern, I bounced all my ideas off her. Thank goodness for good friends, who like to share their fantastic talents with others. I can only *hope* I am as helpful in return!!!

My house is broken!!!!

...........but hopefully not for long.
The insurance company have been FAB...they sent a loss assessor round as soon as they could, and an electrician and dryer people....
The loss assessor was great.....I am to have a newly decorated kitchen, units, worktops, lights floor....the works :) Plus some new white goods, because the water/moisture could have got inside and damaged them...
We also have two industrial in the kitchen and one upstairs for the bathroom, and a dehumidifier here in the kitchen. The dryer people will be coming back next week to do all their moisture tests again, and if we are dry we can go ahead with the rebuilding..if not they will have to rip all the plaster off the affected areas and dry it all out that way. I am really hoping that won't have to happen....please keep everything crossed for me!!!

Drying out........slowly

No ceiling

Ripping down the ceiling

Industrial dehumidifier

Industrial Blower


Came back from a lovely weekend away, find my house in a right state :( The pipe to the hot tap in the bathroom had leaked (failed washer) and it came through the kitchen ceiling and flooded my kitchen/diner........