Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Base Yarn...Flump Aran


Purple Tempest

Jean Jeanie


This is a new base yarn I am adding to my range, a super~floofy Superwash Aran weight yarn, which I am calling Flump Aran... as it's pretty much the same as Flump Sock...just thicker ;)
This 400g will be going into the shop update on Saturday night...just to see how it goes :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Iced :)

The most awesome Carol Feller (the designer of both Ziggy-Zag and Centrique) has used some of my Radiance Aran to make an ickle version of her Iced Cardigan, that was recently featured in Knitty.
This version took 3 skeins of Radiance, and was made to fit a 4 year old.

The pattern should be ready in January... so start stockpiling your Radiance now ;)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

And the winner is........

Thankyou to everyone who left me a message... it was wonderful to read why you all come here to my little Blogging corner of the internet!!
It's also reminded me (as if I NEED reminding) that there's not been a lot of spinnerly content lately...but that's another story, for another day ;)

Who said child labour was wrong?

Delving deep into one of my many wonderful WoollyWormhead hats!! Can you tell which one it is though ;)

ooOOOGE Congratulations, Jen :)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New at Babylonglegs !!!

I have wanted to stock Emma's Skull stitch markers for AGES... talked about it with her at KnitNation, but never got around to it, then saw her at Fibre Flurry and amongst the madness, managed to make an order :)
They are available in two sizes, 4 mm snag free rings or 7mm snag free rings....and you can have them in Metal (pictured top) or Acrylic (pictured bottom) and they are priced at £5 for 4 :)
I have some acrylic ones, and being the skull freak that I am...they are my stitch marker of choice ;)

They are in the shop now!!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is WoollyWormhead's latest design, Buttonette, which I test knitted....yes, I had time to test knit!!! As soon as I saw it I knew I HAD to make it, it's just the right shape of hat for Urbanista only a completely different construction...
I made two of them, the first one in some Posh Yarn Martha DK... that one has now gone off to a new home, as a good friend of mine needs a happy Hat at the moment :)
This one is made with my own handspun, "Rambos Whirled" and the seed stitch brim just picks out all the colours of the handspun and gives just the most stunning depth of colour....
My new favourite Hat, for sure....

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Rocket Man!!!

Joel came out of school with this *awesome* model of a rocket on a launch pad yesterday.... made from bits of cardboard, a plastic coke bottle, and yes, you've guessed it, the nose is a wool cone :)
He took a load of them from my studio to school a few weeks ago. As his class all left class could see where they'd all gone ;)

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Monday, November 08, 2010


Well, my shop update on Saturday saw my Folksy shop make it's 1000th sale...I am so proud, as I've only been trading on there for 2 years!!!
Thankyou everyone for your constant support of my work, both online and in real life, at shows... I really appreciate it, you know!!!
My other milestone is that I have been blogging here for 5 years...!!!!
So, to celebrate these two huge achievements, I am having a Blogversary competition... :D
Just leave me a message here, saying why my Blog interests you and keeps you coming back, and you'll go into one of my many hats and win a prize....
This competition will run for a week......


Friday, November 05, 2010

Shop Update, and Axe Madness :D

I found this AWEsome electric guitar fabric at AllyPally, and so I bought it and sent it over to my friend Nic, to be made into a new and *exclusive* Project bag (from NicsKnots)

So, if you like elecctric Twangers and knitting...this is the bag for you ;)

I am going to be updating the shop with the veryVeryVERY last of the British Merino Aran tomorrow night ... this is it more until my supplier tries to buy some more at auction in April next year. But, with the price of wool rising like it is at the moment, it won't be £8 per 100g skein I shouldn't think... which kinda makes in unaffordable for people who use cloth nappies !!!

There'll be lots of other yummy things in the update too...the last of the Radiance Aran...and lots of lovely yummy semi-Precious DK :)

I'll be updating the shop tomorrow night, at around 8pm....

Monday, November 01, 2010


If anyone wants to join the Blog-a-Long to celebrate P/Hop's 2nd Birthday, and my post has inspired you to help, please visit their website and sign up for it. Then, come back here and leave me a message.
You can blog about anything knitting related, it doesn't have to be about Fibre Flurry!!

All Blog Post Donators will go into one of my many hats, and the winner will receive a custom dyed skein of semi-Precious DK :)

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