Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keeping on, Keeping on ....

Been a while since I felt like blogging.
It's not that I have been hiding from the world or anything (for a change), or that I didn't have anything to say either... relapsed into being a lazy blogger :P

must.Try.HARDER :)

It has been a bit full on here at Casa Longlegs lately, so I've been trying to make the most of my free time. 

I've got a new fibre to tell you about, and it's just *lovely* to work with. It's from John and Juliet and it's called Corino, a Corriedale/Merino crossbreed.. so a lot like Cormo but the flock is in the Falklands, where John gets a lot of his wools from. 

It has a ridiculously long staple, and it's also very fine... and as you can see below, it dyes up beautifully too.

Corino tops dyed up, and available to buy in my etsy Shop

I've also been working on a green heavy 3ply, as green/teal make me happy... I used some gorgeous overdyed Oatmeal BFL~silk (L below) from Freyalyn and chose some very green blended merino from Nunoco to go with it (R below)...
I uhmmed and ahhed about the third ply, but finally decided to use some of the teal/blue Corino I dyed up (middle below), as I needed to test spin it anyway... 

Really pleased with how it turned out, as I didn't really want it to 'barber pole' in a really obvious way, and it hasn't... not like me to be subtle, eh :P
I knew when I started that I was keeping it for myself (for a specific weaving project) as I am winding myself up for a garment... so I need to practice :)

 3ply Handspun for the weft... 'Moar Greenlove' @335yds, 149g

I thought I'd made a HUGE mistake when choosing the warp wools, as the balled wool (on the top in the above picture) started to split and fray a bit whilst I was warping up yesterday. It's a vintage yarn, in 1oz balls and is worsted spun with a % of nylon... so was uber careful when tieing the threads onto the fabric beam, and I havn't tensioned it very high either... hopefully it'll be okay *crosses fingers*

I am loving the fabric sofar... the weft is looking very like seed stitch... and it's very loose, so it should have a decent amount of drape :)

Onwards and upwards?