Friday, June 30, 2006

Woolly Bottom :)

What a little cutie-pie!!! The shorts were hanknitted by her mum, my blogging buddy Nic out of some hand dyed "Fiery" wool I sent her as a gift. They look fandabbydozy, do they not???
Oh, and the Oranges and Lemons custom shorts I sent out this week were very well recieved :D OOh it makes it all worthwhile to know there are happy woolly bottoms out there....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oranges and Lemons :)

I have just finished this custom order for an elasticated pair of my shorts, and the waistband has turned out brilliantly!!! For the weight of wool, I use 4.5mm circs for the body, and usually 5mm for the waistband if I am making a drawcord waist. For the elasticated waist, I tried using 5.5mm circs, and its come out really well, with the cast on method I use for an elasticated waistband.
Just hope my customer is as pleased with them as I am!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

"I'm a big boy now"

This is my youngest's first writing! He's 3 1/2, and after signing 3 Fathers day cards last week, he's become really interested in writing. I've been doing a little bit with him every day, he asks me how to write words...I write them for him and he copies them. We've also been doing a bit of letter recognition too, using a VTech bear called Alfie....he loves Alfie ;) I am astounded at his capacity for it, but then as its completely child led, he's wanting to do it and is interested in it, so I shouldn't be surprised...he takes great care in watching my letter formation too.

BabyLonglegs is going a bit mad too.....I have had 4 custom orders this month, as well as the trade order I am working on...its great! I will be glad when the trade order is finished though...knitting 4 pairs of shorts a week is very tiring. Not bored of it yet thats a good sign hahahaha

Off to Huntingdon Racecourse this weekend, to the CCUK's (Corvette Club of the UK) Annual get together. Its our wedding Anniversary on the 12th July, so this is our annual weekend away for that....not quite sure all married parties will be enthralled at looking at American cars all weekend, but hey, its a "sans enfants" gig ...will be able to drink to excess on Saturday night, wake up to a cooked breakfast and not have to worry about my children!!!
And I'll take my knitting, of course!!!!

Hope you all are well....
Carry on troops ;)

Friday, June 09, 2006

My Lovely Blogging buddy sent me a pressie :o)

Heres a photo I took of my beautiful Poppies....they are huge!!!! At least 10cm across, and the insides are the most wonderful plum colour......

My Lovely Lovely LOVELY fellow blogger, Nic sent me these gifts!!!! The most amazing bag....and some lovely smelling bath bombs :o) The bag is now full of knitting (what else I hear you cry) and the bath bombs are in the bathroom cabinet waiting for me to use them :D

Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

Another four pairs finished, all going on Annie's site PuddlePants
Had a really busy week last week, as it was half term here. There was an International Football tournament on Saturday and Sunday, down at Birstall United Juniors. Daniel played 4 matches on Saturday, and scored a goal to equalise the score in one match, but unfortunately they lost all their other games. He was very downhearted about it oo, poor little guy :(
Back to some semblance of normality today, back to school...the house is very quiet, apart from Joel marching round the house with my dustpan and brush pretending to be a Dalek....hehehehe