Thursday, June 22, 2006

"I'm a big boy now"

This is my youngest's first writing! He's 3 1/2, and after signing 3 Fathers day cards last week, he's become really interested in writing. I've been doing a little bit with him every day, he asks me how to write words...I write them for him and he copies them. We've also been doing a bit of letter recognition too, using a VTech bear called Alfie....he loves Alfie ;) I am astounded at his capacity for it, but then as its completely child led, he's wanting to do it and is interested in it, so I shouldn't be surprised...he takes great care in watching my letter formation too.

BabyLonglegs is going a bit mad too.....I have had 4 custom orders this month, as well as the trade order I am working on...its great! I will be glad when the trade order is finished though...knitting 4 pairs of shorts a week is very tiring. Not bored of it yet thats a good sign hahahaha

Off to Huntingdon Racecourse this weekend, to the CCUK's (Corvette Club of the UK) Annual get together. Its our wedding Anniversary on the 12th July, so this is our annual weekend away for that....not quite sure all married parties will be enthralled at looking at American cars all weekend, but hey, its a "sans enfants" gig ...will be able to drink to excess on Saturday night, wake up to a cooked breakfast and not have to worry about my children!!!
And I'll take my knitting, of course!!!!

Hope you all are well....
Carry on troops ;)


Blogger Stella said...

Fab writing Joel :D
I saw a lovely pair of your shorts being modelled by Sol yesterday :)
So glad you are still planning to come to camp - I'm really looking forward to it too!

11:18 AM  

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