Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunny Days :)

We've had some lovely weather here the past couple of days...its just fab to see the sunshine again!!!! Been really hot too...good washing drying weather ;)
Things are not too bad here.....been a good week really, coping with the kids quite well, and not been down at all. I have been really tired though....might have something to do with carrying Joel around in the Ergo to and from school, and he's grown, oh boy has he ;) When you take a break from carrying for a week or so, you can really feel it when you start doing it again. He fell asleep in it yesterday on the way to school, and again today on the way home from the dentists.
Had a hugely GRRRRRRRRRRRRR moment today with a very rude bus driver. Me and the kids had to go to the dentist this morning.....we usually catch a bus 1/2 way there and walk the rest of the way. My boys were beautifully behaved, sat still, no shouting etc.. came to our stop, and I pressed the button, and the kids each pressed it once to let the driver know there were 3 people wanting to get off the bus.
The driver failed to stop, and just carried on driving.......okay we didn't get up and make our way down the bus whilst it was still moving, not the way he was driving anyway!!! So I went down to ask him to stop and he ignored I asked him again to stop, a little louder this time, and he said "Your kids were playing with the button, maybe if you looked after them this wouldn't have happened"....and he stopped 3 stops after the one we needed.......
I was so cross.......its not like we were a bunch of teenagers larking about or anything! I will be writing a stiff letter of complaint to the bus company, I can tell you......
We got a clean bill of health at the dentists anyway, and didn't get the same bus driver on the way home, thank goodness!!
Things are looking really good on the knitting front :) PuddlePants have sold two pairs of shorts this week, and I have a custom order on too :)
So all is seemingly hunkydory in the BabyLongLegs household.....
Bring on tomorrow :)


Blogger Nic said...

Have you written your letter? Hope so. I always say I am going to write grumpy letters but never get around to it. How dare he though!!

9:39 PM  

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