Friday, September 02, 2011

Exciting news!!!

My very clever friend, WoollyWormhead, has just published her new book, "Bambeanies" and I am very proud to tell you all that she used some of my yarn for one of the Hats!!!

It's called "Nupkin", and is made with "Apples & Pears" Boo Sock :)

(Picture reproduced with kind permission from the owner)

In celebration of this, I am offerring a 15% discount on this very yarn in my shop, just add WOOLLY to the discount box at checkout :)
If you havn't yet had a look at the hats in the book, please take some time to visit Woolly's Website Page all about it.

There are some really *beautiful* hats in there, most of which, in the largest size, would more than likely fit a grown up :) And the book is fantastically formatted... as always, her patterns are so easy to follow.

I shall certainly be making at least one of them!!!

"Quynn" is crying out to be made in self-striping handspun *GRiN*

I hope this Blog post finds you all well, we've had a crazy Summer here, am quite looking forward to returning to work, just for the peace and quiet...HaHaHaHa

Happy Spinning and Knitting, Lovely Peeps!!