Friday, February 10, 2006

You are my SunShine :)

We’ve had a few days of sunshine, cold but sunny…. its been great. Even getting clothes dry outside on the washing line hahaha…yes my life is THAT interesting!
Haven’t blogged properly for a while, so here goes
It was my 34th Birthday on the 28th January, so I went and tret myself to a session at the hairdressers. A full head colour and cut…a nice bright shade of red! It’s fading too quickly though; every time I wash it the water goes pink :( I think I may go back and ask them about it, as it was quite a lot of money. I also got some lovely gifts…some pendants from my booful boys, and some tickets to go and see The Darkness in concert!!!! I am SOOOO excited, as we’ll go in the Corvette : D
One of Phil’s friends babysat for us, and we went out for a lovely meal at the local curry house, and then on to the Pub for Karaoke. I love karaoke… ;)
Daniel had all last week off school, as he was really poorly. His temperature kept going up and down all the time, and he wasn’t eating…. and for Daniel that’s a sure sign he’s not well. My nickname for him is Daniel Dyson (Dyson being a popular brand of vacuum cleaner) The doctor came out to him, and put him on a course of anti b’s. Joel has had it this week, but not as severe. He’s just a snot factory now…. Hahaha
We had a new carpet fitted in our lounge yesterday, what a difference!!!! It makes the room look huge! Now I just just need to get some matching curtains ….
On the knitting front, I have just finished two pair of Doodlepants for someone…I knit and sent her one pair, and she loved them so much she asked me to do another pair! I bought a 1100g hank of Aran weight natural wool this week, off eBay, and some Kool-Aid sachets…so am gonna have a go at dyeing my own wool :)
I have entered the Knitting Olympics today, am gonna do Shedir the chemo cap from the Breast Cancer awareness special edition of Knitty......


Blogger Minnieknits said...

Ahh, sick children - not good, NOT GOOD! Hope all are well and healthy now (save runny noses which seem to go on long after the colds gone!)
Kool Aid dyeing - good fun (the boys might enjoy it too!) and the house fills with lovely smells too - but word of warning, one satchet does not go far! I did a DK/aran weight wool and found that about 50g of yarn quickly exhausted dyepot - any more yarn would dilute colour too far and lost its brightness (and boy are those colours bright!) Happy experimenting!

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