Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Doesn't time Fly when you're having fun :)

Blimey....have just realised I havn't blogged for nearly 3 weeks!!!
So much to catch up on...
We were meant to be going up to Cumbria to visit my folks the weekend before Christmas, but it didn't work out. Joel came into contact with chickenpox, and as my Grandma is really poorly, my Mum thought it best we stay away, so she wouldn't transfer anything down to the home where my Grandma resides :(
We were so busy for the rest of the time over the holidays, we never got to see them :(
Phil finished work the week before Christmas, and we had a lovely day on the Monday (19/12/05) Joel went to nursery, and we took Daniel to see "The chronicles of Narnia" with a slap up lunch in the Morrisons cafe before hand :D. It was a great film! Brought back a lot of memories for me as I loved those books as a child.
On the Wednesday, we went down to Watford to take Phil's Mum out for her 60th birthday surprise. Phil, his sister, brother and his Mum and Dad went out to meet other close family members at a really posh hotel/ a STRETCH LIMO!!! It was so cool....and I got very drunk...really enjoyed it. Phil's parents were over the moon about it all. They have done so much for us over the years, and we were glad to be able to make them feel really special :)
Christmas was FAB. The kids had so much fun, and it was just nice to spend time as a 4some. We popped down to Waford again on Boxing day, as Santa always visits an Auntie's house every year, and stayed till Wednesday (28/12/05) I took my Ellaroo Mei Tei (and Ergo, of course) with me, so one of Phil's cousins could try it out. She loved it! Her little one fell asleep in it....hehehehe. Another member of the family tried the Ergo out, and was also impressed....
New Years eve was quiet....drank alot of beer, phoned a few old friends to wish them all the best...stayed up till 3am hahaha Had to get up the next day too, as we had Phil's sister and her family down for some dinner and to spend the day. The kids love spending time together...
And now its 2006!!! Another year, when I will reach 34, and my baby will be 3.
I wonder what else this year may hold? Hopefully my knitting skills will continue to improve, and people will still be interested in myLongies :D
Lets hope its a prosperous and safe year for everyone.


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