Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh I love eBay *sigh*

Won this vintage Jaeger 100% DK wool (of course...heehee) on eBay....paid all of £6.20 for 8 x 25 g balls...the photo makes it look bluey, but it is actually a lilacy/mauve with cerise flecks. I unpacked it and had it on my lap...just stroking SAD is that? It is beautiful....
I went to the Leicester Stitch 'n Bitch last night...I was brave!!!! It was quite good actually...the people were lovely and very friendly. Was funny though, I was the oldest there, the only mama and I got really grumpy when a herd of students came in and starting smoking!
"My precious wool/WIP will smell all smoky"...etc etc... and it did :( Got them all out of my bag today to air them out. The said students congratulated us on our *coolness* (ohyeahohyeah) and I think Womans Weekly was also mentioned...I think he'd have been beaten to death with his own shoes if a rocking chair analogy had slipped out ;) The meeting is every week, but I reckon I will only go every two...


Blogger Nic said...

Glad you enjoyed SnB but grr at the students. I was the only Mummy in Cardiff but I've moved and the one in Lincoln is now full of 'mature' ladies so I'm nearly the youngest there!!
Yay to the bargain on Ebay.
Lol, of course, my first question, or rather statement to the nursery manager was 'Jack wears cloth'. She said that that was fine, they had never had anyone with cloth before but as long as I showed them how to fold them?! She looked releived when I told her that they weren't terries and were shaped like disposables.

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