Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ally Pally

So, 5.45AM on Saturday morning saw me and Lottie getting up to get a coach to Ally Pally...can't say I was entirely happy to be getting up that early, in fact I was quite grumpy, but it was worth it, because I got to spend the day with my two best friends :) I don't get to spend whole days with them very often, especially Woolly Days, as me and Lottie are usually working together selling yarn......

The Three WoollyTeers...all sporting chapeaux a la Wormhead

This was my first purchase of the day...an awesome, hand drawn picture of a Pirate Sheep, called Vern !!! The artist, Sarah Macintyre, was on the Stitch London stand, and I fell in love with her illustrations and commissioned something with a skull in it.
Isn't he just brilliant???

We wandered around all day, looking at fabrics and yarns and lots of other things too... and I decided I'd like to make myself a Morsbag, as they had a big display and 4 sewing machines all set up, so people could just sit down and make one. I think it's a wonderful idea...using recycled fabric to make reusable bags.

Here I am, proud of my sewing Skillz ;)

A rock and roll themed Morsbag, in the huge display they had set up. There were so many, all on different themes, the only limit is seemingly the creators imagination...!!!

We caught the coach back to Leicester at 5pm...and I was totally shattered by then...havn't fully recovered from it even now...I am getting old!!!

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Blogger Sarah said...

Great to meet you at Ally Pally, and thanks very much for the commission! I'm bookmarking your blog to read when I get back from Ireland, looks amazing!

Best wishes to you! xxx

8:47 AM  

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