Monday, January 16, 2012

An obsession with Holes....

So, the obsession with 'holey' knitting continues...
You might remember my 'Cornish Cheese' scarf?
Well, this one is taking the holes to a whole new level (hahaha)...
This WIP is a mixture of two patterns, Spoilt For Choice by Anne Thompson and the aforementioned/used 'Swiss Cheese scarf' by Winnie Shih
I have added the edge holes, because I didn't want it to have rigid boundaries, and it also means it will be stretcher. I am loving the way all the edges are curling, showing the two textures... I don't think I will block this away either.
Am again using Radiance sock, because I love it's unique way with colour and it's squooshy nature.
I am confident this scarf will be a show stopper when it's done!!


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