Monday, October 31, 2011

Every Fridge tells a story

This Blog post has been inspired by an AWESOME lady called Jen Arnall - Culliford , who completely blew me away at the weekend when I recieved a totally unexpected gift, these awesome Skull and Polkadot fridge magnets :)

She said she saw them, and thought of me... *GRiN*

So, I thought I'd take a picture of my fridge and blog about it, maybe a little random and strange, but there you go... hehehe :)
I have picked out a few details... of things that mean a lot to me and make me smile every time I go to open the fridge door.

This is a very sweet and angelic picture of Thing One and Thing two... sometimes I need to be reminded of how they can be *sometimes*...

One of my favourite postcards, amongst the sheep and more sheep and the odd picture of a monkey or two (see picture above :-P)
I think we all know who I got it from :)

And lastly, the favourite picture of all, a bit faded now as it's been up there so long. I may have to reprint it and get it framed, now my Grandpa has passed on...
There was always a special spark between him and Thing Two, or 'Tyke' as Grandpa called him, so I liked to keep the picture there so I had a really nice picture of Grandpa to look at occasionally, and also to remind the children of him, as we didn't get to see him very often.

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Blogger Jen said...

I'm so pleased that you liked them. :) And what a wonderful fridge - full of happiness.
Lots of love,
Jen xx

12:38 PM  
Blogger Husbeast said...

Great blog hon. I'll never look at it the same again now. I forgot just how many memories were on there: Camp, Glastonbudget, Eurodisney, american muscle and the all important neighbourhood watch numbers ;-)

2:18 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

I think it's an ace blog post!! My fridge has similar memories too...important to me and my little family...and makes me smile when i need it. xxx

7:37 PM  

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