Thursday, November 03, 2011


Meet Perfection, my new pure silk base yarn :)

I was given a few samples at Fibre Flurry last weekend, by my lovely Yarn Pusher friend, Andy and out of all of them, this one blew me away the most.
Since the success of semi-Precious, and the way it shines, I have been yearning for a pure silk Plied yarn to play with.
Well I got my wish...!
Perfection is made up of six plies (or 'ends' as they are correctly known in spinner lingo), quite loosely plied... 400m of sheer luxury.
All I need to do now is finish my current WIP and I can start test knitting this skein of pure loveliness.
I am going to get myself some lace needles, as I suspect it will be a bit 'splitty' if I just use run of the mill pun intended there *WiNKS*
For all you hardcore lace knitters out there... it will also be available in 800m lace!!

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Blogger Stitched Together said...

Oooo the lace would be perfect for my new shawl pattern - NEEEEEEED !!!

Please let me know when you have the lace for sale. I'm assuming you'll blog about it though, so I'll find out that way.

I always wanted you to do lace!

8:00 AM  

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