Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Perfection!

Well, here they are, the remaining skeins of my new base yarn, a 100% Silk sock weight, 'Perfection' ...
I can't rave about it enough... from a dyers point of view.
For me, it's the perfect canvas for deep, intense colours, and I think you all know by now, this is what rocks my world.
The best description I can give it, for visualisation purposes, is imagine coloured aluminium needles... the luminosity and shine is stunning. I have worked with it too, and it isn't all that splitty, I think blunt~ish needles are the way to go with it, as it has so many plies.

Look, I even made a new banner for it *GRiN*

I am going to add them to the shop and offer free UK postage on them (as it's my birthday on Saturday)... so 7 lucky people can get a sneaky peek, before I can actually order it properly.
You know, I nearly had to sell a kidney to get these!! hehehehe

Expect it to go into my usual updates from the second~ish week in February... but if you just can't wait until then, I fear a little stalking may be in order :-) Don't worry, there will be plenty of notice :P


Blogger MandaR said...

Ohhhh shiny

4:47 PM  
Blogger Louise Auty said...

Oh my Sarah those colours are incredible!

7:48 PM  

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