Saturday, February 11, 2006

owwwwwww my brain HURTS

Had a really wierd day enthusiasm....edging on apathy and complete down-ness.

Started my Knitting Olympics entry today, Shedir the chemo cap from Knitty....anyway, I cast it on this morning, and its taken me nearly all day (bar the 3 hour nap I had this afternoon he he he) to do 19 rows *shame*......would you believe, row 15 took me over 45 mins????

I am glad I have started it, maybe it was the *thought* of starting it was making me feel wierd. It is actually pretty straightforward, but very fiddly.

Will take a pic tomorrow and post it...need to post it on the TeamGB Blog too :)


Blogger Minnieknits said...

You just need a bit of encouragement from the sidelines for your Olympic effort - 'Go Sarah, Go Sarah!!'

7:01 AM  

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