Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Football star...and other ramblings :)

Daniel had a football match this morning, only a friendly, and he scored....wait for it..... 4 goals!!!!! His team is Birstall United Juniors :) They do really well in "Friendly" matches, but not so good in the league....ahh but who cares? If they have fun thats all that counts in my book.....they are only 7!!!!
Yesterdays mood was well and truly lifted today....gone be the apathy!!! I hoovered the whole house......did two loads of washing....and made a pot of leek, potato and carrot soup for lunch.... :D My hubby washed the floor in the kitchen/diner as well...bless him.
*Gulps* just won 1350g of pure wool DK on eBay.....15 x50g in Yellow and 12 x 50g in Scarlet.....I really must stop buying wool cupboard is getting too full! I am buying it WAY faster than I am knitting it....
I am sooooo chuffed.....a friend of mine asked me to be a pattern tester for her today!!!! (does a funny little dance) It was a great excuse to invest in more Addis too.....heeheehee!
Right...I have just filled my face with Vegetable ChowMein..and I have a glass of Blossom Hill.....I'd best go and spend 45 mins on row 19 of Shedir......he he he


Blogger Nic said...

Well done Daniel!! And cool about being a pattern tester-I want that job!! A good excuse to buy new needles or anything knitting related is good as far as I am concerned!
Wow, you are buying up all the wool on Ebay ;o) I've been good recently. I trawled charity shops and found loads before we moved and I'm going through that at a rate of knots and can't find any good charity shops around here :o(
The longies are ace. My little Looby is wearing her brothers purple ones underneath a claret pinny dress today. I think she thinks she looks really groovy-Daddy wasn't as convinced when he saw her at lunch time and claimed she looked like she'd been in a dress-up competition!

3:22 PM  
Blogger Minnieknits said...

Ebay - the root of all yarn evil as far as I'm concerned - I've had some dire yarn from it. I'm guessing ythis must be the whole Ying and Yang thing - You have good ebay yarn and I have bad - can you throw some of your ying over this way! lol!
Watch out the old football scouts don't scoop up Daniel - mind, wouldn't it be nice to be the proud mum of the next Micheal Owen ??

6:22 PM  

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