Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deep breaths......

We're meant to be completing the sale of our old house I kept myself from chewing my fingers off today by dyeing this lot up :)

I've called this one "Sophie", as its an extra 200g I did to use up some mixed dye for a custom order, for someone called Sophie ;) I used just primary colours to dye it too, so am a little chuffed!!! I am usually so lazy and used pre-mixed colours, but I felt like a challenge today :)

And this one I have called "Gloria"......I really love it actually......gonna dye it up on some fibre tomorrow :)

All of the above are over on etsy, if anyone wants a a looksee!!!

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Blogger Myrthestiek said...

They are stunning. Hope the sale did go well?

Love Tessa

7:50 AM  

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