Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Did someone say Rabbit Hole?

I finished weaving this scarf last night, it was super quick to do actually... which helped in my yearning for gratification :P
It's a pattern from 'The Weavers Idea Book' :)
Pre-felted it and trimmed it straight away, and the wool softened up brilliantly through that process which I am really pleased about, nothing worse than a scratchy scarf right?

Dip dyed black to grey, then over-dyed again with Teal and then Turquoise...

The difference between to two is astonishing, isn't it? You can see the pattern so much better when it's a semi-solid colour, and the fronds dreadlocked up too!


I can see quite a few more of these in my future, as I have a sizeable amount of vintage pure wool in 25g balls that I can use, plus, practicing warp winding is important, so I have learned the hard way :P 
It's also the perfect pattern for me to explore textures and colours. 
I love constructed holes, and also the fact you don't have to be so precise in your work because you're going to felt it after you are done.
And then adding an over-dye into the mix just gives it another point of interest for me!

What is not to love?


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