Tuesday, March 03, 2015

You have to start somewhere, right?

'Beast bought himself a handheld steam cleaner from Aldi a few weeks ago, and I know he's been iiiiiiitchiiiiiing to get into my Studio to really test it out. My Shameless cooker hasn't been cleaned in a good few years ... I could never really see the point, as I was sloshing my dyebaths around so much, I'd be forever cleaning it if I started!

So, to surprise me and make me smile (I love that man SO much) he only cleaned 1/2 of it, with promises of finishing the job the next day.

Woke up in my usual state this morning, a little anxious and wired after a broken nights sleep :-/ 

Same ol' Same 'ol ...

But, the sun was proper shining, and I promised myself I'd try to get into my studio today and finish the 'Spring Clean' (for want of a better term) ...
I am seeing it in a different way. The less excuses I have to STOP me from working in there, the better. The fact my cooker and studio is a little 'lived in' never stopped me working before :p

So am removing the obstacles. 
Piece by piece.

Clearing the floor was the biggest job, as it'd become a place to just 'dump' things, instead of finding them a permanent home. I am sure everyone understands what that's like!

The only obstacle to get around now is me !
My need to create needs to be encouraged...
... Gently.

So, the current plan I have is to go in there tomorrow, or sometime soon, and dye some fibre. Then try and dye some every day for a week. Do say, an hours work, 200-300g of fibre in that day, maybe. 
This seems reasonable, because dyeing fibre doesn't create as much steam as open and constantly-on-the-cusp-of-boiling dyebaths do. This means that if it's raining and cold, I can work with the door of my studio shut and not catch a chill.

Baby steps :)


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