Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blog Comp...Blog Comp...Blog Comp!!!!

Okay... my brain has been running on overdrive the past few days, as you can probably imagine, with the whole 'Knit Now' thing happening tomorrow ... *squeeeees*, so, I thought I would run a competiton!!

I thought it might be fun... plus you guys will win something!!!

The winner will get a skein of semi~Precious DK, or semi~Precious sock... to knit WoollyWormhead's 'Tangled River' or one of the other awesome patterns featuring my yarn from Issue 6 of 'Knit Now'... and all other entrants will get a personalised discount code for free UK P&P to be used whenever you like.

All you have to do, is to go out and buy the magazine, then post a photo of you AND the magazine on my FaceBook Page ...

Simple huh??

My special winner chooser boy will pick the picture he likes the most, so a little hint... make it funny enough to appeal to an 8 year old... hahaha :D

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