Friday, December 12, 2008

Bag Love...oh bag love...

Went Xmas shopping yesterday, and popped into a favourite (but usually WAY out of my price range) shop of mine, as there was a big sign in the window saying BAG SALE....oh two favourite words all in one place!!!
Picked up this Roxy beach bag.....and its a perfect knitting bag! There are 3 huge pockets on the front, the middle one houses my Harmony options set.....the one on the left holds my needle roll...and the other one has my crochet hooks in it!!!
Well chuffed with my bargain I am!!!

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Blogger Pixie said...

Oh wow I so love that bag.. I want one lol.. great colours too..

Have fun using it :))

Just finished plying your big banana.. got to skein and give it a bath.. and I love love love it :))

4:29 PM  

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